Ohad Pele & Dawn Cherie – Sacred Relating: Open or Not (ISTA Online Festival 2021)

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Product Name: Ohad Pele & Dawn Cherie – Sacred Relating: Open or Not (ISTA Online Festival 2021)
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Ohad Pele & Dawn Cherie - Sacred Relating: Open or Not (ISTA Online Festival 2021)

Relationships can be a powerful living laboratory of love, freedom, and exponential growth. They can be our biggest teacher on our path of spiritual growth and awakening. Opening our hearts and connecting us to joy-full Love, relationship can support our soul to shine.
And… relationships can choke the life out of us.
Whether we’re open or monogamous, we can meet relationship burn out. Be caught in endless conflict cycles and drama. Re-traumatise ourselves through repeating patterns. Feel stuckness and boredom. Lose the magic and get caught in the mundane. Feel distant and lose touch with our true self. Follow ‘the’ script. Let life’s to-do lists swamp the magic.
When they’re missing the sacred, relationships can begin to drain us rather than elevate and open us.
So, how to have relationships that nourish you, even in periods of crisis and struggle?
How to transform crisis and struggle into growth?
How to support your relationships to bring you closer to your true self and the Divine, not further away?
How to quickly go beyond having to be “right” and come back to love?
How to make lovemaking truly sacred?
How to stay emotionally clear and not hang onto dead baggage?
How can your relationships become artworks?
How to move beyond stuckness and monotony?
How can jealousy and difficult emotions become a space for growth and peace?
How to do transparency in a way that nurtures rather than harm?
How to have boundaries that create space rather than constrict?
How to open your heart and be in deep devotion?
How to love and let yourself be loved, truly?
This course is your toolkit for bringing the sacred into your relating.
In this course, we take you behind the scenes of our 18 year open relationship to share the practical lessons, wisdom and tools we’ve learned along the way. We’re still deeply in love after nearly two decades together and traversed a lot of relationship territory: painful pits and exquisite peaks and everything in between. We know our honest and vulnerable sharings will help you to avoid these same pits (or get out of them much faster) and expand in every moment of the journey.
As teachers of sacred relating and mysticism for over 30 years, Dawn and Pele share the emotional, spiritual, sexual, relational tools you need to elevate and deepen the quality of your relating. Because it’s not about what kind of relationship you’re in — single, monogamous or non-monogamous — it’s about the quality of your relating that matters.
With a unique blend of Shamanism, Kabbalah, Tantra, and science, combined with deep insights, clear communication, and practical tools.