Nick Hoss, Vercetti & Mr. M – Love Systems: Date! The Complete Home Study Course

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Nick Hoss Vercetti & Mr. M – Love Systems: Date! The Complete Home Study Course

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Nick Hoss, Vercetti & Mr. M - Love Systems: Date! The Complete Home Study Course

Nick Hoss, Vercetti & Mr. M – Love Systems: Date! The Complete Home Study Course

Date! The Complete Home Study Course
by Nick Hoss, Vercetti and Mr. M – 3 of the world’s top dating coaches.

Date! is a Kindle book combining THREE textbooks and a workbook so you put what you learn to the test for guaranteed results.

Dating these days is tough – attractive women today are bombarded by guys asking them out, invitations to parties, Facebook updates and text messages. They won’t tolerate boredom on a date. To stand out, you need to make dates fun, exciting and emotionally stimulating (not to mention physical!) and do it effortlessly. It’s overwhelming.

Enter Date! – a no holds-barred system that gives a man an unfair advantage for getting and succeeding on dates. For the first time, you’re getting step-by-step instructions to handle every required skill.

This is not a traditional nice-guy approach. Its starting assumption is that men will be men and success on a date involves getting physical and meeting your goals with women.

Your goal could be anything from having a fling to getting a friend-with-benefits to getting into a long-term relationship. We don’t tell you what you should want, but we give you the tools to get it!

Date! teaches you everything you need to know from getting the date to planning it and even what to do in the bedroom. You’ll get:


The course starts out with the basics – how society teaches men limiting beliefs and the mindsets one should have to break free of the limitations and get ahead of the pack:

-3 Hollywood myths women like in their romantic comedies but in real life are probably holding you back
-3 common mistakes that men make on dates and how to avoid them
-8 Dating Commandments that lead to mastery. Review this list before every date!
-How to get comfortable with framing and use it to your advantage. This is a subtle but FUNDAMENTAL CONCEPT – nobody succeeds without it!
-Why emotional momentum is critical and how to keep it going
-The “abundance” mentality – what it is, why it’s key to dating high-quality women and how to get it
-Ways to avoid “Let’s Just Be Friends” and achieve a physical relationship of your choice (from fling to friends-with-benefits to long-term relationship)

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Setting up the Date

Next up, you’ll learn how to get a date in the first place – from meeting her to phone and texting, and how to ask her out confidently:

-How to lead a conversation when you first meet a girl so that it’s natural for you to ask her on a date
-Make it non-awkward to get a girl’s number and prevent flaking
-The best days, times and locations to schedule a date – 90% of guys get this wrong!
-How to plan dates that make you stand out – we guarantee that you’ve never thought of most of these “secret” date ideas
-How to ask a girl out on an exciting date she’ll always agree to and that will also make you look good

Preparing for the Date

Preparing a good date will stack the deck in your favor – especially if you’re new to this. We show you:

-How to plan a date so it’s virtually guaranteed to end physically – without any sleaziness
-Our secret “three location date” and how to use it to plan a great date ANYWHERE
-3 types of dates that will seamlessly unlock her feminine instincts and release her primal self – this is crucial for rapid physical escalation
-Ways to inspire her senses and trigger her emotions
-How you can use your friends, hobbies and even your job to build crazy levels of attraction
-ADVANCED: Why you should flake on a date – there is a time and a place for it!

And there’s so much more in Going on the Date and Troubleshooting with miscellaneous tips and tactics.

Don’t miss out; sign up for Date! today and invest in your own happiness.

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