Nathiely De Jesus – The Lasso Queen

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Product Name: Nathiely De Jesus – The Lasso Queen
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Nathiely De Jesus – The Lasso Queen

Nathiely De Jesus - The Lasso Queen

The Lasso Queen, Nathiely De Jesus is here to bring you her tips & tricks for the Lasso Guard!
Learn the inner workings of a guard Nathiely describes as a guard for EVERYONE!


What Will You Learn?


The Lasso Guard has worked its way to the top of the list of most effective guards. Thanks to athletes like Nathiely De Jesus you get to see how it can defeat the best athletes in the game. De Jesus is a 5x world champion and she credits much of her success to The Lasso Guard. Nathiely De Jesus is The Lasso Queen!

So what makes the Lasso Guard work? There are a lot of mechanics to having a sharp lasso game. De Jesus shows the inner workings of how she makes the Lasso Guard an effective weapon against the strongest guard passers in the game. If you are just now getting to the lasso party, don’t worry Nathiely gives you drills to practice entries into this highly controlling position. If you can drill it, you can KILL with it!

One of the strongest aspects of the Lasso Guard is how easily you can transition into fight ending submissions. The reason this happens is because there is always a dual threat with the Lasso Guard. De Jesus shows you ways to play that dual approach to exploit your opponent’s reactions. With The Lasso Queen instructional you will force your opponent to ‘pick their poison’. They will have to choose to accept the sweep, or defend. In their defense of the sweep you can transition into submissions. Want to use the balloon sweep to transition into the omoplata? Nathiely has you covered!

So, What’s On This Series?


Part 1:


Lasso Entries Drill Concepts
Drill Engagement Lasso Guard
Lasso With De La Riva Engagement
Lasso Guard Reaction
Side Walk Lasso Reaction
Outside hand with Toreando Pass reaction


Part 2:


Setup from Lasso X
Setup for balón lasso sweep
Lasso hook setup
Setup for Submision from X Lasso to get to toe hold
Setup variation to submission from Balón Sweep to Omoplata

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Part 3:


Setup from Lasso hook sweep to knee bar
Setup for triangle when your opponent drives both knees to the ground
Conclusion for all sweeps: effectiveness and Details
Conclusion part 2
Lasso balón sweep conclusion
Conclusion Part 2 from the reaction
Conclusión of the lasso hook sweep with timing


Part 4:


Attack from X- toe hold going for leg lock
Attack from balón sweep to Omoplata
Lasso hook sweep step over going to knee bar submission
Lasso Guard Both knees on ground to triangle