Nat Eliason – Effortless Output with Roam

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Product Name: Nat Eliason – Effortless Output with Roam
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Nat Eliason - Effortless Output with Roam

Nat Eliason – Effortless Output with Roam

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Learn more, do more, and become more creative with the all-in-one tool for knowledge work.

I discovered Roam in late 2019 and fell completely in love with the tool. I think it’s one of the most powerful new technologies for creative output, personal knowledge management, and productivity.
Roam is a powerhouse of a tool. It can handle your:
  • •Note taking
  • •Journaling
  • •Task management
  • •CRM
  • •Writing
  • •Knowledge management
  • •And more.
It can truly become your digital brain once you learn how to harness it.
Consider this course your fast track to mastering Roam and becoming significantly more productive, creative, and connected to your thoughts.
I’ll take you through all the functionality you need to understand, and then cover how to use your new found powers to remember important ideas from what you read, create more, maintain your relationships, and come up with new ideas.
I’ve spent 100s of hours in Roam, spoken with the team behind it, and experimented extensively on how to get the most from it. This is the most extensive, most recommended “intro to Roam” courses online, and I guarantee it will get you to the “whoa, I get it now” point that Roam fans talk about.
This course is currently in production, with new videos coming out every week. You can see the full roadmap here.
It will be launched in full sometime mid 2020, but if you want beta access as it’s developed you can sign up below. The price will go up at launch.
Beta access also includes access to the Effortless Output forum, exclusive to members of the course to share their Roam, Productivity, and Personal Knowledge Management tips.
I hope to see you inside!