Nassim Haramein – Resonance Academy – Delegate Level 1

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Product Name: Nassim Haramein – Resonance Academy – Delegate Level 1
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Nassim Haramein – Resonance Academy – Delegate Level 1

Nassim Haramein - Resonance Academy - Delegate Level 1

We have the science to prove it!
Resonance Academy
The Delegate Program:
Exploring the Connected Universe

Your learning journey in the Academy begins with the Delegate Program. This core course offers a comprehensive and inspiring introduction to unified physics, the science behind the connected universe worldview. We explore its roots, its current application and its vast potential. Understanding the scientific principles of connectedness can have a profound effect on our everyday lives and on the world around us.

Resonance Academy
The Resonance Academy is an innovative learning environment and vibrant community exploring the connected worldview.

Over the course of six modules, we explore the core concepts of unified physics, the holographic principle, current and emerging views in science, the historical roots of Modern Physics and the research of pioneers such as Einstein, Tesla, Fuller and Bohm. Throughout the course we follow Nassim Haramein’s journey of discovery and the nature of the profound shift in worldview that Unified Physics brings at this time, both in consciousness and in technological innovation.
The Delegate program is based on Nassim Haramein’s 30+ years of research and his unified field theory, along with insights from our Academy Faculty and the key researchers, past and present, who have inspired, challenged and guided them.

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A scientific worldview shift of this magnitude will radically change the way we see ourselves, the cosmos and our place in it.
Delegate Program Overview
Whether you are a seeker with little science background or an avid researcher, this core course will transform the way you see the world and your relationship with yourself and everything.
We have the tools to experience it.
Resonance Academy
The Academy Experience
Exploring the Connected Universe in Community

As a Delegate, you will learn about and explore a unified science worldview alongside Nassim Haramein, international research scientists of the Resonance Science Foundation, Academy faculty and like-minded game changers just like you from all around the world.
Experiencing a connected universe is a joy that can’t be described.
It has to be felt…
Academy Science Faculty
Science Faculty
Academy Adjunct Faculty
Adjust Faculty
Through our courses, Virtual Classroom events, community retreats and mission inspired adventure travel, Nassim and the team share tools and insights to help you experience this joy.
Academy Community
Join with others just like you who are awakening to the experience of connection that unites us all.
Begin Connecting
Become an Academy Delegate
Your Delegate Enrollment Includes:

The Delegate Program: Exploring the Connected Universe
Hundreds of hours of thoroughly-researched and potent content
Personal Learning Dashboard
Faculty Hosted Lounges
Monthly Virtual Classroom Events
Meaningful connection with Nassim, Faculty and like-minded peers