Money Fairy – Raise $25k to $50 Million for BusinessReal Estate

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Product Name: Money Fairy – Raise $25k to $50 Million for BusinessReal Estate
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Money Fairy – Raise $25k to $50 Million for Business/Real Estate

Money Fairy - Raise $25k to $50 Million for Business/Real Estate

NEED TO RAISE $25,000 TO $100 Million or more in CAPITAL for your idea or business?

INTRODUCING, THE ULTIMATE LEGAL TEMPLATE SET FOR CAPITAL ACQUISITION… makes raising capital as EASY as humanly possible. The set contains 62 legal document templates, forms, as well as other key information You WILL Need when raising capital, including 18 Private Placement Memorandums (PPM’s)… this and dozens of other necessary documents AT ONE INCREDIBLY LOW PRICE with no GOTCHA fees.

Using OTHER PEOPLES MONEY is as American as apple pie BUT there is a CATCH.

Most people think a business plan is all they need to raise capital. After all, a well-prepared business plan explains how you are going to make money. But a business plan cannot practically and legally accommodate your investor’s money.

If you are selling a portion of your company or making a debt offering to individual investors for your business or idea – even if you’re trying to raise as little as $25,000 – the act may constitute an “Illegal sale of a Security”. Your efforts to raise capital may be subject to Federal and State Securities laws, which, if you don’t follow them precisely, could mean you have to give money back to your investors interest, injunctive relief, and even fines and penalties. Worse still, you could face criminal prosecution.

But relax! With Legal Fairy, you can stay compliant and it won’t be a hassle.

In the end, it doesn’t matter whether this is your first business or your tenth. Whether you have a business plan in place, or you’re writing one currently. It doesn’t matter whether you already talking with investors or have no idea how to reach them…

The “Ultimate Legal Template SET” can help you raise capital for any type of idea, new opportunity or an existing business, whether you want to open up a real estate company or a restaurant.

The set contains all the documents You Need to raise capital and stay compliant. And you can download it instantly. This powerful set was prepared by experienced attorneys and is available for one low price with NO Gotcha fees.

To get these documents working for you, simply follow our directions, Personalize and Print!

And at Legal Fairy, we recognize that many entrepreneurs have limited financial resources when trying to raise capital. If your credit score is low, the bank has turned you down, or you simply want to preserve your own assets by using other people’s money, this “Ultimate Legal Template SET” is designed exactly for you.

Whether you are looking to get one person or a few wealthy individuals to invest, or you want to meet your capital requirements by having several smaller investors put up $10,000 to $250,000, raising capital is about providing an organized and concise method of investing into your transaction and accommodating money. A business plan, while super important, simply cannot do these things by itself.

Not only do you need a practical way to raise capital from investors, you also need to make sure you are not breaking the law.

Gone are the days when investors would invest into your company based on a handshake.

Would you invest into a company without making sure that the terms and conditions of the investment are put in writing and agreed to by all parties?

Besides, most investors won’t even consider handing over their money until they’re confident you’re not going to run off to Antigua!

But when you hear complicated terms like Reg D, Blue sky laws, Private Placement memorandums (PPM), Rule 504 or 505 or 506 and more……

Smile! Capital Fairy has you covered with its “Ultimate Legal Template SET”…the only legal template tool you’ll need to get yourself on the road to raising capital fast.

  • Raise from $25,000 to $1 Million, $50 Million or even UNLIMITED Capital for your business.
  • We give you 62 documents to use as you need all for a flat rate one time nominal fee.
  • Download instantly in one whole set, edit your templates easily and print. We provide all necessary directions.
  • Protect yourself from your investors and frivolous lawsuits.
  • Easily save tens of thousands of dollars.
  • These documents are yours to keep with a license for unlimited use.
  • Our document sets are sequentially named and clearly organized to make your life a whole lot easier.
  • The templates have been prepared by reputable attorneys and contain friendly directions and user tips throughout the documents.
  • We give you all the necessary federal forms as well as federal and state resources list for general assistance.

Not only do you receive our 62 document set, we’ve included 2 “BONUS” gifts.

Bonus #1

A concise no-bull capital acquisition guide which will walk you through the capital raising process, key decisions and traps, securities laws and more. This guide is a must read so you can navigate your way through treacherous waters.

Bonus #2

To help you comply with state securities law, we give you state specific legends and/or identify state specific exemptions if/as applicable for 50 states at NO ADDITIONAL COST.

After all, at Legal Fairy, our goal is to help you Get Real and Get Funded

With the ULTIMATE LEGAL TEMPLATE SET, you can prepare your own documents, saving tens of thousands of dollars, without compromising on the quality and validity of the legal documents you acquire.

No one…not investors, banks, or businesses want to see investments fail…but most are actively looking for investment opportunities…

After all, investors need business ideas and love the opportunity to secure a profit.

And that’s where we come in…to save you the embarrassment and the pain of rejection…

You can convert everyone into a potential investor: Clients, CPA, attorneys, local groups, centers of influence by providing them a legal method to accommodate their investment in your opportunity.