Mit Smith – 9to5 Flipping Houses Masterclass

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Product Name: Mit Smith – 9to5 Flipping Houses Masterclass
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Mit Smith – 9to5 Flipping Houses Masterclass

Make Extra Money Flipping Houses 

while Working a 9to5!

(…without having to step foot inside of the houses)

-Helping You Close Your First Deal In The Next 30 Days
-Helping You To Get In Touch With Motivated Sellers To Get Your First $5,000-$10,000 Check
-While Working Your 9-5
-Without Having To Leave You Home

When You Join 9to5 Flipping Houses Masterclass, You Get Full & Immediate Access To:

  • You receive COMPLETE ACCESS to our video training modules that show you the exact steps for finding motivated sellers ready to sell their house to you, hungry cash buyers actively looking for deals to flip the house too.
  • Choosing the Right Market To Target – You’ll know exactly which market to invest in and you’ll know how to setup your house flipping business remotely in another city.
  • Finding Deals- Targeting The Right SELLERS to find Deals is the most profitable thing you can do.  You will learn how to target motivated sellers and get sellers PHONE number and email address
  • Knowing What to Offer – You’ll Discover how To Determine what a Property is Worth no Matter what the condition is
  • Struggled or Nervous of Saying The Wrong Thing? That’s why we Include Our Custom Lead Sheet Script + Negotiation One Liners & Rebuttal Script so that You’ll know what to say at all times & how to position yourself as the EXPERT investor when making your offer even if You’ve Never done a Deal Before.
  • Closing The Deal – You’ll discover how to find Investor Friendly licensed attorneys or title companies to handle the whole closing process for YOU. You just sit back and choose to get your Profit wired to your Bank Account or receive a Check.
  • Finding Employees to Help Automate your Business for $3-$5 a Hour 
  • ​BONUS : Bullet Proof Contracts that Will allow you to Flip this Properties Risk Free
  • BONUS : Text Messaging Software I use Plus Scripts
  • BONUS : Custom CRM of Podio so that you’ll have access to your seller leads, buyer leads, and have an overview of your whole real estate business from any computer, ipad, or cell phone.
  • New Student Orientation Calls

You Cannot Get Ahead In Life ONLY Working Your 9to5! Wholesaling Real Estate Will Allow You To Make An Extra $5k-$10k/month!

Be the first Generation Millionaire in Your Family !

Wholesaling Real Estate is the Foundation of Real Estate. It does not require you to use your own cash, credit, have construction experience, or a Real Estate License…


But the sad fact is that most won’t put the work in to obtain Financial Freedom..

Wholesaling Properties Has Afforded Me Things In Life I Could Never Imagine

What if there was a way you could:

  • Flip houses from the comfort of your home.
  • ​Spend more time with your Family & Friends & make more MONEY in less time.
  • Finally pay off your debt and stop the creditors from calling your phone.
  • ​Flip houses without having to meet sellers in person or do any of the tedious repairs like (fixing up toilets) or without any hard manual labor.

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