Matheus Gonzaga – Side Control Masterclass

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Product Name: Matheus Gonzaga – Side Control Masterclass
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Side Control Masterclass By Matheus Gonzaga

Smash And Tap Your Next Opponent From Top With Matheus Gonzaga’s Complete System Of Destruction From Side Control

  • Attack submissions with the most leverage and the best set ups, to give yourself the highest chance for success against opponents of any level
  • Study one of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu’s most important positions with Matheus Gonzaga’s Side Control Masterclass, an 8-volume series around how to win from top side control
  • Learn all of the hidden details that will let you control opponents with leverage and technique from the side control, including from knee on belly and the kesagatame
  • Work to all levels of the arm with shoulder locks, arm locks, wrist locks, and twisting kimura locks using Matheus’s signature side control series
  • Become more dangerous from Side Control

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