Mas Sajady – Pineal Gland Activation

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Product Name: Mas Sajady – Pineal Gland Activation
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Mas Sajady - Pineal Gland Activation

Mas Sajady – Pineal Gland Activation

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The Awareness Series

Pre-requisite: Please listen to Podcast Episode 66: The Third-Eye/Pineal Gland EI Activation (click here) to accurately understand the Third-Eye and the Pineal Gland, their differences, their purposes, and many essential yet rarely-known information.

The importance of the Third Eye and the Pineal Gland came to Mas in a quiet moment under a giant redwood tree, meditating the truth and beauty amidst the lushness of an ancient forest.

The Problem: Physical Distortions Hindering Spiritual Awakening

Comparing to the nature’s effortless and perfect embodiment of the beauty in form and essence, the humans fall far behind with creating distortions of the beauty in physical and spiritual realities.

The nature is always present and is always aware, no distortions can possibly be created in the form when the truth and beauty of the essence are in full awareness.

Unlike the nature, most humans are rarely present and are hardly aware. This unconsciousness impairs the physical embodiment of the spirit truths, ultimately preventing the spirits from becoming awakened by having a distorted physical experience.

The Solution: Conscious Awareness Cultivating Spiritual Awakening

The awareness of our spiritual truths creates the consciousness of our identities, our surroundings, our connections, etc., forming the physical realities that vitally influence the awakening of our spirits. The higher our spiritual awareness, the more sublime our physical realities, and the closer our consciousness to the state of awakened spirits, and vise versa.

The Power Tool: The Unit (the Third-Eye/the Space above the Third Eye/the Pineal Gland)

There is a central sensory Unit that was constructed by our spirits to help create awakened experiences with conscious awareness. This Unit has three components – the Third Eye, the space (1 or 1.5 inch) above the third eye, and the Pineal Gland. When fully activated, the Unit holds the key to our spiritual awakening.

This set of the Frequency Spa is designed to super-charge the Unit by calibrating the Third-Eye area to optimize our physical realities, while activating the Pineal Gland to open our experiences to higher realms of limitless abundance.

Once all frequencies of the faculties are harmonized, heightening the awareness of the Unit to access the power to materialize spiritual truths with physical beauty, bringing forth the ultimate experience of heaven on earth.

Pre-requisite: Please listen to Podcast Episode 66: The Third-Eye/Pineal Gland EI Activation (click here) to accurately understand the Third-Eye and the Pineal Gland, their differences, their purposes, and many of their essential yet rarely-known information.

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The Awareness Series, Session One: The Unit Reset
Preparing the three parts of the Unit for the two upcoming powerful sessions. Available at the end of the Episode 66 of the Exponential Intelligence Podcast | FREE

The Awareness Series, Session Two: The Third Eye Re-Calibration
Recalibrating the Third-Eye and the Space above the Third-Eye
The Third Eye sends info to the world
The Space above receives info from the world
Understanding the construct and power
Sending and receiving with precision/awareness
Perceiving and projecting without distortion/judgment
Knowing and living the truth with courage and wisdom

The Awareness Series, Session Three: The Pineal Gland Activation
The Pineal Gland connects physical/spiritual realms
Processing data/communication from all realms
Broadening understanding of all realities
Deepening connection of body and spirit
Bypassing the ‘soul’ to create transparency
Defining time function with high clarity
Expanding consciousness for awakening

The Awareness Series (all three), Benefits:
Recalibrated Third-Eye + the Space above it + fully activated Pineal Gland
Heightening awareness
Deepening the understanding of realities
Accessing knowledge from higher realms
Gaining clarity on true identities, surroundings, etc.
Strengthening Pure Source connection
Sharpening intuition
Elevating consciousness
Removing noises/entities of lower realms
Improving the quality of life
Growing domination over all realms of existence
May activate the ‘Super-Powers’

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