Marisa Peer – Student Bundle

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Product Name: Marisa Peer – Student Bundle
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Student Bundle


Unlock These 3 Audios:

Audio #1: Improve Memory And Concentration

Dramatically improve memory and concentration, so you have a reliable and foolproof memory and an ability to concentrate and absorb information. This audio download will give you fantastic powers of concentration, comprehension, retention and recall.*

Product Value: US$49

Audio #2: Pass Your Exams With Confidence And Skill

This programme allows you to pass your exams with confidence and skill. Feeling calm, composed and focused, your body is relaxed, your mind is alert and you remember everything you have learned, studied or revised. Learn how to recall the correct answers as you take your exams and improve your learning and grades! *

Product Value: US$49

Audio #3: Learn Interview Skills And Interview Preparation

How to stand out and be calm, confident and successful during interviews*.

Product Value: US$49