Louis Aarons – Subliminal Spanish

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Louis Aarons - Subliminal Spanish

Louis Aarons – Subliminal Spanish

A revolutionary new approach to language learning based on the latest research. Have you ever wondered why some people seem to pick up new languages with relative ease, while for the rest of us learning even the basics is a tough, uphill battle? In an effort to answer that question – and overcome his own struggles with learning foreign languages – psychologist Louis Aarons embarked on intensive study of how the brain processes and stores foreign words and phrases. Based on his discoveries he developed the revolutionary Subliminal System at the heart of “Subliminal Spanish”.A terrific way to jump-start Spanish language learning – and an ideal supplement to traditional learning methods – “Subliminal Spanish” is an audio-based program that uses the multitracking properties of stereophonic recording technology in order to engage both sides of your brain simultaneously while targeting your left brain hemisphere, which does most of the heavy lifting during language learning.The only commercially available language learning system of its kind, “Subliminal Spanish”: employs the first method based on the science of how the brain works during language learning; takes a unique multisensory approach combining listening, speaking, reading, and writing for maximum retention; has been scientifically proven to be the quickest, easiest way to learn the 1,000-plus Spanish words and phrases most used in everyday conversation; and, features dialogues illustrating how vocabulary is used in context and self-tests that help you gauge your progress.
This package includes three 75-minute audio CDs and a companion workbook.

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