Leeor Alexandra – The School of Prosperity

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Leeor Alexandra – The School of Prosperity

The School of Prosperity

Embody Your Most Prosperous Self and Manifest a Life of Abundance!

Reality is not as it seems.

We all have blind spots when it comes to abundance. This course is all about shifting your awareness to your blind spots, and activating PROSPERITY in your genes.

You’ve been convinced that it isn’t – that it’s elusive.

You have been programmed to think in terms of LACK.

The lack mindset is the number ONE block that keeps us in SCARCITY.

It’s what keeps us from experiencing our most prosperous reality and manifesting the life we want!

Imagine that your mind is like a hose, and the water that flows through it is the limitless potential and abundance that is your birthright.

The lack mindset is a kink in that hose. It pinches the opening and doesn’t allow for prosperity to flow through.

The key is to unravel the kink and ALLOW the treasures to flow in!

We’ve been taught that money doesn’t grow on trees.

Let’s put aside, momentarily, the fact that it actually does.

Why have we been taught where it doesn’t grow – but not taught how to grow it?

We have been programmed, socialized, since childhood, to have certain beliefs and ideas about the concept of money and wealth.

For the majority of mankind (99%, as it goes), those beliefs and ideas work diligently against them…


Because simply the belief that money is difficult to attain is enough to actually make it difficult to attain.

Keeping the masses afraid of money and wary of riches also keeps them at a far, far distance from being able to create any sort of wealth of their own.

It keeps the working class working, day in and day out, with no time, money, or energy to spend on themselves.

It keeps the “poor,” poor, believing that there are simply not enough resources for them.

The thing is, however…

There is no lack of resources.

There is simply a lack of awareness and a lack of knowledge.

We aren’t taught in school – or anywhere else, for that matter – how to create wealth.

“Making money” seems to be a secret that eludes all but the ones who were born rich or extremely lucky.

Not anymore. That is THE OLD paradigm.

The truth is this:



The knowledge of how to create abundance and to become a prosperous person is enough to free you from the confines of debt and lack and to propel you to become a person who lives a life of TRUE FREEDOM.

What stands between you and the life you’ve always wanted is simply a subtle shift in understanding in how money is energy, the fact that you DESERVE that energy, and that it should work FOR you, not the other way around.

If you could just turn off the LACK MINDSET MENTALITY – that has been GIVEN to you, not created within you – you would be on your way to embodying your most PROSPEROUS SELF.

Hi! I’m Leeor Alexandra – I’m a YouTuber with a global audience of ~300,000 diverse souls, lifestyle engineer, and thought leader…but most importantly, an infinite, spiritual being, learning the best ways to navigate this AMAZING reality and tap into our inner magnificence!

For four years, I have been sharing my experiences with spirituality and the Law of Attraction, teaching people around the world how to manifest the life of their dreams and how to give their life more meaning.

I have manifested the life of MY dreams – I get paid handsomely to BE MYSELF, which is what I’ve always wanted. I travel the world, eat amazing, high-vibrational food, meet incredible people, bring together my community for special events, and work joyfully on designing my life as I’ve always dreamed it to be!

I have done all of this by, somewhere along the way, stepping fully into my PROSPEROUS SELF…

…Because I did not grow up affluent.

Born to immigrant parents in a dual-income household, I saw my parents slaving away to give me and my two little brothers the life neither of them had had.

My father, until just 6 years ago, drove two hours to work and two hours back, five, and often six days a week.

My mom worked herself to disability…she worked long hours at the office, and would skip eating every day so that she could pick me and my brothers up from school every day to take us to our grandmother’s house.

My parents worked hard to make sure we always had everything that we needed – but even as an 8-year-old, I always had the feeling that money was hard to come by.

Because of that, I was careful to never ask for too much – as careful as any child could be, at least.

I remember going from elementary school to middle school, trying to think of ways that I could wear the same brands my peers were wearing. You know kids, they could be pretty nasty if they notice that you’re different, and I was definitely on the receiving end of that!

One day, I got the courage to ask my mom to take me to Limited Too – the girl’s clothing brand that all the popular girls were wearing at the time! She was glad to take me, glad I asked, but I remember how guilty I felt when we got to the store and I saw her face as she looked at a price tag.

I quickly ran to the clearance section, where I cemented the belief: this is where I must shop. Sales. Clearance. We simply don’t have extra money to extend on frivolous things. I felt ashamed for even asking.

This feeling of “not having” stayed with me well into my teenage years and into my early 20s, as well.

At that time, I got into a relationship with someone whose family was quite wealthy.

I remember being shocked at how he would order massive amounts of food at expensive restaurants, and I started to see even more distance between my money beliefs and that of the wealthy’s.

I even believed that the only way I could have the things I wanted was if that boyfriend would have bought them for me (which he didn’t, until he messed up or was caught doing something bad, of course).

Looking back at that girl, I want to hug her. And then shake her. Repeatedly.

It’s not that she didn’t have the resources – she just didn’t have the awareness. The knowledge was missing.

If I knew now what I had known back then, I would have never let anyone dictate to me what it LOOKS like to be wealthy and prosperous.

I wouldn’t have tortured myself over brand name clothes and materialistic items just so that other people might think I have money, or just so that I could be accepted.

I wouldn’t have waited around for ANYONE to buy me things I wanted – that’s not even a tiny aspect of my character anymore!

These days… if I want it…I get it.

Because I have fully embodied my most Prosperous Self.

I’ve attained the knowledge that eludes so many, that stays in the hands of the rich.

I’ve rewritten my beliefs about money and changed my relationship with it completely.

And as I did that, I found my family following suit, and then my friends…it seems that my learning of prosperity and universal, cosmic knowledge affected everyone around me.

Recently, I gave one of my good friends a pep talk, hoping to help him with his own money blocks…

As I was going on and on, he got quiet.

I thought I must have been coming on too strong, and held back from going further.

The next day, this same friend came up to me and said, “Leeor, you need to make a course on prosperity. The information you shared with me last night will make me a LOT of money.”

I had considered doing this for a year, but I knew now that I was ready – it was time to share my experience and my knowledge, to create an opening of awareness for anyone who believes prosperity is elusive.

It’s not.

It’s your birth right.

Come and claim it.

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