Leeor Alexandra – The LIGHTWORK Ceremony Experience

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Product Name: Leeor Alexandra – The LIGHTWORK Ceremony Experience
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Leeor Alexandra – The LIGHTWORK Ceremony Experience

The LIGHTWORK Ceremony Experience

It’s okay to break – that’s how the Light gets in.


Everything material begins first in the immaterial – on the energetic plane.

It could be amazing, happy things that we want – comfortable lives, financial freedom, inner and outer well-being, a happy social life, a great relationship..

But things we don’t want to manifest also come out of the energetic realm.

The physical, emotional, and mental issues we face all started as emotion and feeling.

When you were a child, did something traumatic happen to you? Big or small?

Do you, as an adult, or as a young adult, experience physical and emotional pain?

What if I were to tell you that these experiences are directly related?

I, myself, dealt with depression, anxiety, and physical pain for a large majority of my life.

My teenage years were plagued with weeks in which I couldn’t leave my bed or speak to anyone.

I tried taking my life many times…

…and this was directly linked to the shadows I had created – UNKNOWINGLY – as a young child, through various experiences.

When we seem to be stuck in cycles with cheating partners, or not being able to hold on to a relationship, or fighting with the closest people to us…

…This, again, is birthed from the scars we have received from parts of our lives that we are not willing to consciously accept and integrate.


  • Become the very best version of yourself?
  • Fix emotional problems and imbalances?
  • Gain an overall healthier disposition and wellbeing?
  • Heal your inner child?
  • Understand WHY you feel like something is just “off” or “wrong” in your life?
  • Learn important insights about your personality and the way you navigate your life?
  • Discover your life’s purpose?
  • Let go of pain and trauma?
  • Break the loop?
  • Be whole again and merge back with your soul?
  • Cleanse your chakras, meet your SPIRIT GUIDES & ANIMALS, and go on a riveting journey to your inner world?

If you said yes to any of these…Welcome to the Lightwork Experience. You came to the right place. As always, things fall in line perfectly when you make the intention to change something. Everything you’ve asked for has led you here.


  • A BRAND NEW MEDITATION EXPERIENCE – SAFELY visit your inner shadow work, meet your spirit guides, angels, and animals, transmute your shadow and bring MORE LIGHT into your physical vessel. GLOW from within.
  • INNER WORK AND SELF DISCOVERY PROMPTS & QUESTIONS based on Jungian psychology and Shamanic practices
  • Understand Shadow Work and the Shadow Self

What you can expect:

  • Learn about your SHADOW self – where it came from, why you have it, what you need to do about it
  • Learn about how Lightwork will help you live your best life as your greatest, most healed, most complete version
  • Journey deep into your subconscious mind through a healing guided meditation to meet your shadow aspect and re-merge with your soul and inner child
  • Receive instructions for a daily practice and adjustment period

The Lightwork Experience is a course I created to help anyone looking to deepen their spiritual practice. Many of us get to a point where we want to connect with ourselves, others, and the universe in a more meaningful way, and that’s the ultimate goal of this program – alongside many others, which I will get to in this introduction.

Lightwork is a ceremonial experience that was inspired by the deep healing I experienced after diving into my subconscious and re-integrating with my own shadow. I learned how important it is to walk right up to your fears and embrace your shadow aspect. If we continue pushing the “undesirable” parts of ourselves down deep into our subconscious, we won’t be able to ever truly feel peace. Integrating with our shadow allows us to become WHOLE again, the way we were when we first came into this incarnation.

At some point, every person’s soul splits in two (at least, some may split even further). There are several different ways of re-merging with our souls, and my hope is that my approach to it – Lightwork – will be the catalyst to the healing many of us so deeply desire.

Lightwork is a happy and loving approach to shadow work. It still takes work, but it’s all through immense love.

Through Lightwork, students will dive deep into their subconscious by performing a ceremony in the comfort and privacy of their own home. They will be given the tools to prepare for such an emotional escapade, and guided on how to fully integrate everything they’ve learned from their journey.

You will leave Lightwork a better version of yourself. A more confident, more at peace, more relaxed, more satisfied, and more aware version of yourself.

But first, some breaking down has to happen. And like the tagline says – It’s okay to break, because that’s how the light gets in.

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