Lee Arnold – Building The Offer 2021

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Product Name: Lee Arnold – Building The Offer 2021
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Building the Offer Real Estate Lab
  • Quickly analyze properties (never make another cash flow mistake again)
  • Manage client and deal flow
  • Negotiate like a master
  • Use the 3-tiered offer
  • Out-compete your competitors by offering more options
  • How many deals have you walked away from because you didn’t know how to write an offer? No longer will that be a roadblock!
  • In real estate, the reason most people are not successful is that they are not making offers. This lab teaches you how to put in dozens of offers a week.
  • Get the tools and knowledge to put in offers confidently.
  • Analyze deals and structure a contract. These processes are critical to your success.
  • Structure your offers and write your contracts like a pro so you never lose your earnest money again and can put every deal you find under contract with confidence.
  • Keep your clients and their contracts legal so they are not breaking any laws.