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Layla Martin - Foundations of Sex, Love and Relationship CoachingLayla Martin – Foundations of Sex, Love and Relationship Coaching

Welcome to a uniquely advanced and in-depth business and coaching certification for sexuality, love and relationships.

Do you want to make a truly positive difference in a career that you absolutely love and feel good aboutwhile also supporting yourself financially in the lifestyle you’ve been desiring?

The sex, love and relationships coaching field is rapidly expanding and greatly in need of qualified, inspired and talented professionals.

And this is your invitation to become one of them.
Hi, I’m Layla Martin.

When I first started my career, it felt at times that I was creating it out of thin air.

It was audacious and rebellious to decide that I would take my desire to serve people compassionately and my innate healing giftsand professionalize them into a world-class business with heartand a touch of glamour!

I wanted to guide people into more delicious sexuality, intimate love and amazing relationships with simple and clear tools as a wildly
successful career.

People at parties say, “You do WHAT for a living?”

Then, they always lean in a little closer, telling me: “Hey I’ve got this issue that I’ve been desperate to solveHow can I work with you?”

Everyone is hungry for better, more connected sex.
Everyone desires more potent, lasting love. Everyone desires relationships based on trust and real intimacy. But hardly anyone knows the effective and practical tools to get there.

I spent fourteen years and over ten thousand hours at Stanford University and in the jungles of Asia discovering, developing and fine-tuning these practical tools with incredible results.

And more than tools — I’ve created an entire coaching methodology that allows people to discover new ways of loving and making love that lead them back to their original
wholeness within.

There came a point when I was overflowing with the wonderful effects of these teachings. And I faced a choice

I could hold on to this wisdom and continue on with my career as usual or, I could help ignite the inner wisdom of dedicated women who wanted to join in this global transformation and empower them to use this transformational coaching methodology. In turn, they could use these tools to further their own work and offer their unique gifts in their own careers guided and enhanced by the visionary new approach I have taken.

It didn’t take me long to figure out where my desires and my heart lieThey are with you.

They lie in sharing this wisdom to inspire and support the next generation of leaders and experts to say YES to their destiny and become

An embodiment of sexual wholeness
A voice of natural integration and unconditional love
A champion of healthy, evolved and intimate relationships

It is my desire to give you everything I can in both business and coaching to be successful on your own terms—to create a career that you love and desire, and to actively be and create a world full of compassionate pleasure, abundant love and clear consciousness

It is important to me that clients not only get their problems solved but also wake up to more profound truths about themselves during the coaching process.

And so the VITA™ Sex, Love and Relationship Coaching Certification was born. I’m so excited to share all of the details with you belowand should you decide to join, I’ll be thrilled to meet you and share this journey together.



What will you be able to do with
this certification?
The 1 Year (650-hour)
VITA™ Sex, Love and Relationship Coaching Certification
As a VITA™ Sex Coach

You’ll be able to masterfully guide clients using the most effective tools for transforming their bodies, minds and emotions to liberate wounding, limiting beliefs and sexual blockages.

In the VITA™ training, you learn how to support client’s to heal from sexual fear, shame, guilt and pain while also restoring them to a thriving, vibrant and connected state of sexual wholeness. You’ll be able to confidently address health issues like erectile dysfunction, loss of sensation or vulvodynia in holistic ways. You’ll understand the most up-to-date approaches to sexuality while also using ancient wisdom about sexual energy to be a truly integrated guide in the world of sex.
As a VITA™ Love Coach

You’ll recognize how to identify and heal the wounds of the heart: unmet needs, romantic heartbreak, loneliness and isolation. As a VITA™ love coach you’ll be equipped to recognize when a client is trapped in unworthiness and to be able to support them to heal this and return to their personal power. As a result, you’ll watch client’s expand back into radiant self-love, a natural ability to connect and healthy and nourishing relationships.

You’ll know how to masterfully guide a client into creating the intimacy that everyone desires deep down inside. You’ll be an expert at showing clients how to date to attract the partnership that they deserve and desire. You’ll be so much more than just a cheerleader or advice giver – you’ll have a suite of potent mind and body-based tools to inspire your clients to live their best possible lives in love.
As a VITA™ Relationship Coach

You’ll be able to understand the true function of relationships as alchemical containers to support us to realize our highest selves while also unwinding and integrating all of our resistances to true love. You’ll be trained to navigate and resolve the deep unconscious patterns and wounds that damage couples over time. Through this transformation at foundational levels, you’ll understand how to return relationships to a joyfully intimate state.

You’ll be able to not only create empowering communication with a couple, but to show them advanced techniques for evolving and healing together in addition to guiding them through tantric or other erotic tools to grow their sexual connection no matter how long they’ve been together. You’ll understand how to support a couple to evolve in love together in these challenging times and how to choose a relationship of depth and passion together.
As a VITA™ Sex, Love and
Relationship Coach

You’ll be a rockstar who is able to do all of the above

“It was one of the best investments I’ve ever made in my life and in my business.”

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