Laura and Dara – 6-Week Mama Reset + Boosters

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Product Name: Laura and Dara – 6-Week Mama Reset + Boosters
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6-Week Mama Reset + Boosters – Laura and Dara

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Retrain your core. Recharge your body. Reset your life!


Imagine yourself just 6 weeks from now, with:

  • a strong core and pelvic floor so you feel confident and supported
  • enough energy to power through your day, strong and calm
  • the knowledge you need to work out safely and effectively ANYWHERE: gym, home or on the go
  • perfectly prepped meals and nutrition know-how to float through your week nourished and stress-free
  • a community of fellow mamas to help you stay inspired and to celebrate your accomplishments
  • the awareness you need to decide which workouts or exercises are right for you as you progress on your journey
  • your own go-to trainers to answer all your specific core, exercise and nutrition questions
  • a flexible database of workouts, exercises and recipes to keep you on track for months.

Here’s exactly what you’ll get when you join Mama Reset:

  • 12 detailed, follow-along strength training workout videos with live cues
  • 3 progressive core & pelvic floor retraining modules with follow-along videos
  • Regular workout accountability check-ins
  • Weekly walking goals
  • New delicious, printable recipes each week, built around nutrients mamas need
  • Weekly nutrition goals + printable resources to help you plan and prep
  • Weekly mindset coaching, restorative yoga poses and journalling prompts
  • Online community with direct access to your coaches
  • Exclusive webinars & live coaching calls on special topics like pelvic health, breastfeeding nutrition, body image for mamas, AND MORE!

Plus, upgrade to 25 TOTAL WORKOUTS with our awesome add-on Booster Pack:

  • 8 low-impact “cardio booster” BONUS workouts
  • 30 minute strength + cardio BONUS video
  • 30 minute core + yoga flow BONUS video
  • 3 one-week meal plans
  • 1-month workout plan featuring all 20 workouts in the Mama Reset + Booster Pack


Progressive, follow along workout videos and cardio challenges to help you build confidence + real-life strength, with up to 20 mix-&-match workouts.

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