Lass – Watchmaking 101 Beginner Course

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Product Name: Lass – Watchmaking 101 Beginner Course
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Watchmaking 101, Beginner Course

Watchmaking 101, Beginner Course

Course Description:
Get behind the scene of this Amazing craft.
Get, to the point lessons so you get started on the right track.
Learn watchmaking in a affordable way.
Get started instantaneously in the comfort of your own Home.
This course is designed to teach you watchmaking step by step with video lessons that are easy to follow.
The course is over 5 hours long. It contains a load of information that will teach you in detail every aspect basic watchmaking and build you a solid foundation that will serve you for years to come.
No matter if you are intrigued by the micro mechanics, gear trains, high precision itself or simply a fan of watches. You will find this course offers a rare view into this extraordinary microcosm.

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