Kristopher Dillard – Love Yourself

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Kristopher Dillard - Love Yourself

Kristopher Dillard – Love Yourself

Unleash the ‘Love Miracle’

Everything is so much easier when you’re living in the field of Love.

Love feels terrific.

Love makes everything in your life feel terrific too.

The good news is – Love is just a decision.

You do not need to wait for outer circumstances (or other people) to feel the power of Love.

You just have to have the realization that all thoughts, feelings and mind images are just mind-energy that limit your capacity to feel Love.

If you identify with negative thoughts, negative feelings and negative images in your mind — you are shutting out your True Nature…. Love.

So why not take a different (more effective approach)?

All you have to do is realize this:

If you could just get rid of your subconscious negative thoughts, what’s left over is positive. And it’ll only get more positive!

It shows up in your Awareness. Your Awareness is the one thing you cannot get rid of, and yet it contains everything you’re looking for.

Your overall Awareness is your unconditional love.

And the more you put your attention on your Awareness, the greater the speed at which the negative thoughts and feelings will let go on their own.

Pull the plug on negativity

All negative thoughts and feelings require maintenance. They require the maintenance of your attention to exist.

Often that attention is unconscious — which is why I designed this New Love Yourself Course — to unhook yourself and release yourself from your negative unconscious patterns.

It shows you how to turn your attention to your overall Awareness, and have your negative thoughts / feelings (which are really just mind-energy) dissipate all on their own.

You will see… it’ll be the most natural, effortless way to abundance.

Not only that, you’ll start demonstrating:

  • Freedom from pain, emotional trauma and suffering
  • Problems vanishing out of your life
  • The end of effort and struggle
  • Constant feelings of fulfillment and happiness
  • Courage and clarity
  • A smooth, simple, successful life

When you rest into Awareness you feel a deep sense of ease with life, and the Awareness itself fills your life with Love.

It’s the most nourishing feeling in the world, and everything that was once a problem completely turns around. Love really is the ultimate answer to every negative thought / feeling and every life problem.

Here’s how the course will help put you into the state of love:

  • Two 2-hour live video conference sessions each week, Friday and Saturday at 5:30pm BST (12:30pm EST).  
  • You may connect to the video conference using a simple app on your phone, tablet, or computer. You have the option to share your video, or interact verbally (without sharing your video), or you may dial in by telephone (local to most countries).  
  • During these live conference sessions, I will work with you directly on your goals – showing you specific tools that will enable you to remove the limitations that have blocked you from living your ideal life already.
  • Two additional 1-hour video sessions each week guide you, one-on-one, into the workings of your mind so you can understand how you’ve always had the power to consciously create whatever you wish in life.  
  • All sessions are recorded and will be added to your personal library in the Members Area for you to access any time you choose.  
  • Each week, you’ll get homework assignments to follow until the next week’s sessions.  
  • You’ll be assigned a partner through the duration of the course, to keep each other motivated and accountable, and to maximise your momentum.  
  • You’ll learn how to bring Love to every aspect of your life.  
  • You’ll learn to raise your happiness level a hundred-fold.  
  • You’ll learn how to open yourself up to true unconditional giving and receiving.  
  • You’ll discover how to take 100% responsibility for your life and to use it to reclaim your happiness.  
  • You’ll stop wasting time with limiting thougts and learn how to develop and trust the power of quiet.  
  • Say goodbye to complaining, stress and conflict and restore peace in your life.  
  • You’ll develop a clear picture with which to implement the life of your dreams.  
  • You’ll to stop settling for less than you deserve. You will learn how to say “yes” to love and abundance of all kinds.  
  • You will begin to find out for yourself just how powerful you really are when you understand the power of Love and the world will be at your feet.

You can have it all when you know how to love yourself  

This course will show you how to do it, how to love yourself and create a powerful, positive shift — financially, health-wise and in your relationships.

There are no impossibles when you become totally loving. This course is an extension of love from Lester, and all the Great Masters. All the Great Ones have demonstrated what love is, how to be loving, and how that translates to success in every area of your life.

Let the whole world come to you

When you are loving, people come your way. They give you what you want. They may not know why, but they feel something special about you. They want to let you have it your way. They’re compelled by love. They feel the power of love.

In this course, you will learn how to let ‘the rest of you’ have it your way. You will learn, when you give love, when you are loving, the entire world acts as an extension of your Beingness.

You’ll show yourself that there are no impossibles. Nothing is impossible.

What would you like to have? You can manifest at will if you learn to love yourself. What would you like to do? You can do whatever you decide if you learn to love yourself. What would you like to be? You can be exactly as you like if you learn to love yourself.

Love yourself and for YOU nothing is impossible

When you learn about love you will find that you have the most powerful tool available to you all the time. Love is healing. Love is transforming. Love resolves. Love is curative. Love can repair anything or anyone. Love is strength. Love is power. Love is the solution. Love is the answer.

When you learn to love yourself the world is yours. When you learn to love yourself you live in the highest energy. When you learn to love yourself you live in the highest feeling possible.

When you learn to love yourself you can have everything. You can have everything and anything even if it might seem unattainable to you right now. The world comes your way when you love yourself. People come your way. Money comes your way. Health comes your way. Success comes your way. Happiness comes your way. Everything in your life works perfectly when you love yourself.