Kimberley Wenya – How To Manifest $1000

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Kimberley Wenya – How To Manifest $1000 Download, Journal prompts are also included, as well as a guided meditation at the end to bring your energy into money… Download Tip: You can also access “Kimberley Wenya – How To Manifest $1000” download link in your account or the support team will check the order status and update the download link within hours.

Kimberley Wenya - How To Manifest $1000

Kimberley Wenya – How To Manifest $1000

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SO – you want to start somewhere with manifesting MONEY!

Any amount seems good – in fact $1000 seems PERFECT! Like a great number.

The amount of things you could do with $1000 is limitless!

And the best part is? That this masterclass isn’t just about manifesting $1000. It’s the blueprint to then applying this to $2000, $5k, $10k and MORE!

My inspiration to create this masterclass came from my PRACTISING the actual act of manifesting $1000 over and over again.

I started to test different ways how it would work. Some ways didn’t work – some ways flopped incredibly.

Like when I was trying to control how the money was going to come to me!

Or when I thought that I had to only give time for money.

Here is the thing: right now you might believe that you can only receive money based on TIME.

When I work X hours, I receive Y money!

THIS IS NOT THE CASE! In fact, it’s only the case because right now it’s all you believe!

In this class, we expand your mindset – we push the envelope to help you open your mind to what is TRULY possible for you!

The energy of this masterclass is REAL.

It’s raw, it’s universe to screen, to teaching. I downloaded what I bring to this masterclass right there and then!

PERHAPS – you feel lost, like you don’t know where to start with money – and you just want to get a GRIP on manifesting money!

You’re ready to start feeling STABLE with money, you’re ready to start feeling empowered in receiving money!

You’re ready to start feeing GOOD about money!

money is always finding its way to you. now it’s time for you to receive $1000!

Let me tell you – the first time that I manifested $1000 in 24 hours felt INCREDIBLE! Magical, almost like it was too good to be true.

I had tested it on $100 and it had worked – and I remember that day I was finally ready to test it on a bigger number – and it was SUCCESSFUL!

Since then I have applied this over and over and allowed myself to build into bigger and bigger amounts!

This masterclass could help you go from a $1000 month, to a $1000 week, to a $1000 day and SO ON!

Because time gets to collapse the more you practice and have faith and BELIEVE!

We talk about the energetics, the universal laws, the mindset around money and REAL examples and walk throughs of how I have manifested $1000 countless times over in the past.

This stuff works. The content in this and energy is what I’ve held to bring in $1000 over and over again!

So have faith, take the leap – know that the universe is behind you each step.

When you take the first step, it then follows to help you manifest more than you can imagine!

If you’re ready to take the leap, enrol into this masterclass below!


Journal prompts are also included, as well as a guided meditation at the end to bring your energy into money vibes!