Kevin Kockot – Home Fitness & Posture Workout: 21 Day Transformation

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Product Name: Kevin Kockot – Home Fitness & Posture Workout: 21 Day Transformation
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Kevin Kockot – Home Fitness & Posture Workout: 21 Day Transformation

Kevin Kockot - Home Fitness & Posture Workout: 21 Day Transformation

Hello and welcome to my new course of workout at home: HOME WORKOUT | FITNESS | POSTURE: THE 21 DAY TRANSFORMATION
How to exercise at home to stay fit, prevent backpain, build muscles and support your posture within just 21 Days.
I am pleased to welcome you to this program!
You want a better body posture, want to build muscle, want to prevent back pain, increase your fitness and make a longer-term contribution to your health – and all this with a workout at home?
>>> I am optimistic that this program can help you!
Learn how to build a back exercises routine using selected exercises and double your performance in specific exercises in as little as three weeks.
In this course I will provide you with easy-to-use, non-device exercises to help you improve your back health and make you feel well, healthy and fit in the long term.
In particular, the featured ten exercises, which only take 5-10 minutes daily to help you build a new back exercises habit in 21 days!
If you carry out the program presented here, this will help you:
Make your personal fitness a new normality with the help of back exercises without equipment.
Feeling good and improving your well-being (back health, fitness and performance)
Train your will and integrate a new habit into your life.
To find a balance to stressful situations at work, especially working at a desc.
To contribute in the long term to a healthy and upright posture and improved core musculature.
Would you like to take the advantage of this program?
Then sign up for the course! – As cheap as on Udemy you will not find this kind of course anywhere else!
Best of all, you have a 30-day money back guarantee!
So you have nothing to lose!
Are you skeptical if the program can work for you?
No problem: Just get to know the procedure and execution of the exercise with the help of the first day of the 21-days!
I will provide this free of charge so that you can see for yourself if the program works for you!
Who speaks to you?
I’m Kevin Kockot (Master of Arts in Prevention and Health Promotion). I am self-employed in health promotion (company, municipal and individual). So I have already accompanied over 1000 people in exercise and relaxation seminars in recent years.
My motivation and goal: I support people in a healthy and self-determined life!
Do you have questions about the practical program or the implementation?
No problem! Just contact me at Udemy! I am happy to answer you!
Many Thanks!

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