Kevin Kockot – Home Fitness & Posture Workout – 21 Day Transformation

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Product Name: Kevin Kockot – Home Fitness & Posture Workout – 21 Day Transformation
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Kevin Kockot – Home Fitness & Posture Workout: 21 Day Transformation

Kevin Kockot - Home Fitness & Posture Workout: 21 Day Transformation

What you’ll learn

✅ Selected exercises to increase back health and fitness
✅ Improvement of well-being by applying the exercises
✅ Improvement of the musculature in the trunk area (back pain prevention )
✅ Compensation for stressful working conditions and especially workstation at a desc
✅ Long-term contribution to an upright posture, upright position and back muscles
✅ Boosting willpower through a 21 day program and measuring individual progress


There are no specific prerequisites for attending this course.
The exercises are suitable for beginners, possibly even for advanced users. Professionals could be a little under-challenged.
If you are unsure if you can do the exercises in your individual case, especially if you have pre-existing conditions, then please contact your doctor or alternative practitioner in advance!
A mat, sportswear, a speaker next to the screen.


Hello and welcome to my new course of workout at home: HOME WORKOUT | FITNESS | POSTURE: THE 21 DAY TRANSFORMATION

How to exercise at home to stay fit, prevent backpain, build muscles and support your posture within just 21 Days.

I am pleased to welcome you to this program! 🙂

You want a better body posture, want to build muscle, want to prevent back pain, increase your fitness and make a longer-term contribution to your health – and all this with a workout at home?

>>> I am optimistic that this program can help you! 🙂

Learn how to build a back exercises routine using selected exercises and double your performance in specific exercises in as little as three weeks.

In this course I will provide you with easy-to-use, non-device exercises to help you improve your back health and make you feel well, healthy and fit in the long term.

In particular, the featured ten exercises, which only take 5-10 minutes daily to help you build a new back exercises habit in 21 days!

If you carry out the program presented here, this will help you:

Make your personal fitness a new normality with the help of back exercises without equipment.

Feeling good and improving your well-being (back health, fitness and performance)

Train your will and integrate a new habit into your life.

To find a balance to stressful situations at work, especially working at a desc.

To contribute in the long term to a healthy and upright posture and improved core musculature.

Would you like to take the advantage of this program?

Then sign up for the course! – As cheap as on Udemy you will not find this kind of course anywhere else!

Best of all, you have a 30-day money back guarantee!

So you have nothing to lose! 🙂

Are you skeptical if the program can work for you?

No problem: Just get to know the procedure and execution of the exercise with the help of the first day of the 21-days!

I will provide this free of charge so that you can see for yourself if the program works for you! 🙂

Who speaks to you?

I’m Kevin Kockot (Master of Arts in Prevention and Health Promotion). I am self-employed in health promotion (company, municipal and individual). So I have already accompanied over 1000 people in exercise and relaxation seminars in recent years.

My motivation and goal: I support people in a healthy and self-determined life!

Do you have questions about the practical program or the implementation?

No problem! Just contact me at Udemy! I am happy to answer you! 🙂

Many Thanks!

Best regards, Kevin

Who this course is for:

✅ Persons who want to do something on the long term for their back health!
✅ People who want to increase their fitness and well-being through selected exercises!
✅ People who want to make a long-term contribution to an upright walk and a healthy posture!
✅ Persons who want to create a balance to stressful situations in their daily work!
✅ People who want to improve their core muscles (preventive measures for back pain)