Kendra Barnes – The Real Estate Summit

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In this 6-part course, experts will walk you thorough the following Real Estate Investment methods:

  1. Flipping
  2. Wholesaling
  3. House Hacking
  4. Buy & Holds
  5. Tax Deeds
  6. Tax Liens

You will learn:

– How to Get Your First Rental Property by House Hacking
– How To Build Wealth with Rental Property + Plus a Real Look at What It Takes To Be a Landlord
– The Difference Between Tax Deeds & Tax Liens + How To Find Tax Deed Properties in Your State
– What it Takes to Successfully Flip a Property
– Wholesaling 101: How to Find Your First Deal + How to Analyze a Deal
– How to start Investing in Tax Liens with as little as $400

PLUS, you get to see the replay of the AFTER PARTY.

The AFTER PARTY is a 1.5 hour Q&A with all of the Summit Presenters! It’s a must see! Some of the questions you have may have been asked in during this Q&A.

Course Curriculum

FREE PREVIEWS (Watch snippets of the Lessons Here!)
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    Wholesaling [Preview] (5:20)

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    Tax Deed [Preview] (6:01)

  • Preview

    Tax Lien [Preview] (10:04)

  • Preview

    Flipping [Preview] (4:25)

  • Preview

    Buy & Hold [Preview] (6:51)

  • Preview

    House Hacking [Preview] (9:17)

The Lessons
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    HOUSE HACKING: The Best Kept Secret of Real Estate Investing (42:48)

  • Start

    BUY & HOLD: Learn What it Takes Buy Your First Rental Property (42:22)

  • Start

    TAX DEEDS: How to Find and Purchase Them (47:09)

  • Start

    FLIPPING: How to Get Started With Your First Flip (48:25)

  • Start

    WHOLESALING: How to Invest in Real Estate With NO CASH or CREDIT (49:20)

  • Start

    TAX LIENS: How to Invest in Tax Liens with as little as $400 (22:02)

  • Start

    The Summit AFTER PARTY Q&A: Answering your Real Estate questions (94:36)

  • Start

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