Kendra Barnes – The Real Estate Summit II

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Product Name: Kendra Barnes – The Real Estate Summit II
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 width=Kendra Barnes – The Real Estate Summit II

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How Ashley & Brett make $500-$6,500 PER DAY in rental income on properties they don’t even own!
  • How Sharnice & Byron bought a $500 mobile home and flipped it for a profit of $19,000 and how you can make massive ROI investing in mobile homes as well
  • How to get started investing out of State following Gabrielle’s roadmap (She lives in LA and has rentals in Cleveland but has NEVER been to Cleveland in her life)
  • How to use seller financing to fund your deals
  • Why the foreclosure cleanout business is one of the industry’s best kept secrets and how to start your own
  • …and more!

When it comes to Real Estate- there’s room for everyone at the table! All you have to do is pull up a seat

Course Curriculum


  • Start

    Short Term Rentals (56:48)

  • Start

    Mobile Home Investing (27:07)

  • Start

    Investing Out of State (44:06)

  • Start

    Property Preservation (54:55)

  • Start

    Seller Financing + Wrap Up Q&A (85:17)

Salepage : Kendra Barnes – The Real Estate Summit II