Kauan Barboza – Modern Lapel Guards Made Easy

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Product Name: Kauan Barboza – Modern Lapel Guards Made Easy
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Modern Lapel Guards MAde Easy By Kauan Barboza

Kauan Barboza is here to pull back the curtain on the Modern Lapel game.

  • Learn to use Lapel from positions you already know, like closed guard!
  • Cover entries into the Lapel Guard from De La Riva, Spider, and closed guard.
  • Ever hear of the berimbolo? Wait until you see the Lapelobolo!
  • Avoid common mistakes and roadblocks that many people encounter by going in-depth on what NOT to do.
  • Barboza makes Lapel Guard EASY to learn, and keeps you up-to-date on one of the best competitive guards in Jiu-Jitsu!

Course Content

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Volume 1

Intro 0
Practical Information 5:42
All Calories Created Equal 7:34
Protein – Metabolic Advantage 12:08
3 Common Myths About Protein. 1 You Can Only Absorb A Certain Amount 16:28
2nd Myth Protein Make You Bulky 18:44
3rd Myth Protein Is Bad For Your Kidneys 20:38
Carbs And Fats 21:40
Goal Body Weight 27:32

Volume 2

How Much Protein To Eat Formula 0
Meal Frequency – Myths And Facts 2:00
Structure Cal Deficit 6:49
Caloric Cycling 11:42
Caloric Cycling Split 15:18
Weekend Warrior 19:05
The 5:2 21:36
Carb Cycling 24:10

Volume 3

Fat Loss Without Counting Calories 0
Tracking Your Weight 9:21
Platuea 17:00
Body Measurements 19:25
How To Stay Consistent 23:26
Consistency 30:24

Volume 4

Motivated 0
How To Get Protein In The Diet 4:29
Favorite Protein Sources 9:02
9 Foods To Make Up Large Portion Of Diet 17:42
How To Stay Full 23:13
Motivation 28:44