Katy Bray – Your 8th Chakra Life

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Product Name: Katy Bray – Your 8th Chakra Life
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Katy Bray – Your 8th Chakra Life

Katy Bray - Your 8th Chakra Life

Activate the power of your 8th chakra and receive healings to transform blocks and energy leaks — in all your chakras.
Gain a deep understanding of the destiny points — predetermined events, people, and places — your soul has designed for this incarnation.
What You’ll Discover in These 9 Weeks
In this 9-week transformational training, not only will Katy help you fully develop your gifts — you’ll receive powerful weekly healings to open the gateway to your soul’s plan in your 8th chakra.
The Power of Live Streaming Video
You’ll connect with Katy and experience her teachings through live streaming video. This connection will be easy to use and will enhance the impact of Katy’s body of work. You can easily connect via audio only if you choose — through your phone, tablet, laptop, or computer.
Course Sessions Thursdays at 5:00pm Pacific
This course will feature LIVE teachings, interactive training sessions, and experiential practices with Katy.
Each session will build harmoniously upon the previous ones, so you’ll develop a complete holistic understanding of the practices, tools, and principles you’ll need to transform blocks, leaks, and fragments in your energy body.
Module 1: Activating Your 8th Chakra Life (November 7)
What agreements are held within YOUR soul contract? In this first class session, you’ll determine the next steps you should take in your life.
The information from your soul’s contract influences all aspects of your life, and is seeded within the rest of your energy system.

With this activation and new understanding, you’ll feel deeply aligned with the highest aspects of yourself…
In this module, you’ll:
Activate and open up your connection to your soul contract, a powerful element of your energy body that informs everything that you do
Discover a clear new connection to your Higher Self
Unlock the capacity to fully develop your gifts with clarity, understanding exactly how to work with them in your life
Understand life’s events in a whole new way, experiencing greater peace and forgiveness
Discover how to move forward from situations that you may still feel hooked into
Module 2: Clearing Survival & Ancestral Energy Patterns (November 14)
What kind of energies have you inherited? No matter the details, they’ve absolutely shaped your identity, purpose, and life patterns…
And in this module, Katy will guide you to explore, discover, and untangle them.
There are seeds from all the energies you’ve inherited, sprinkled through the eighth chakra — they continue to grow because all the rich information you’ve inherited, has to land somewhere.
You’ll discover the ancestral energy you’ve brought in through your lineage — including through family members you may have no idea exist! — is waiting within your root chakra for you to discover and work through…
In this class session, you’ll:
Gather in a vast and powerful energy realm that gives feedback on many of your life choices
Clear your inherited energy patterns
Identify and interpret the foundation of your soul contract — and how it takes shape in your life
Untangle “shoulds” and “blame” from your energy field
Bring your energy into present time
Delve into another key part of the root chakra: the labels you’ve given yourself, often without even realizing it
Discover what happens when you’ve done everything possible to work through an ancestral pattern — yet it still doesn’t feel like it belongs to you (here’s a hint: it’s part of your soul contract)
How this powerful work you’re doing evolving your own soul is also advancing the souls of your ancestors — especially if they weren’t able to work through the issue in their lifetime
Experience a guided meditative healing session to call back soul fragments from all spans of time and dimensions — so you’ll begin to consciously understand where (and why) some of your ancestral patterns began
Module 3: Stop Guilt, Regret & Other Energy Leaks — Feel Free & Empowered in Your Relationships (November 21)
This week, you’ll begin your journey into the energy of a key part of life: how you exist and behave within your personal relationships.
You’ll discover how to deconstruct how power dynamics within your relationships might be causing energy leaks. Common causes of these energy leaks include shame, guilt, and cravings…
… but probably not the cravings (perhaps for junk food or wine) that you’d normally think of.
Instead, Katy will explain cravings in this spiritual context as perfectly healthy longings that most of us would consider normal — that become unhealthy as we allow them to control us.
For instance, you want to feel loved and appreciated — yet it can become an unhealthy craving when you (unconsciously) give up parts of yourself in a quest to have these needs met.
In this fascinating class session, you’ll discover:
All the details surrounding your primary energy leaks
How to stop using cravings and compulsions to give shape to your energy
Shame’s role in your energy patterns — and how to release it
How to unhook yourself from power struggles in relationships How to enter into a more relational mindset in your personal relationships — you’ll be working within the second chakra
How your cravings can have power over you, preventing you from staying engaged in soul contract agreements you’ve already made
The nature of the soul contracts within power dynamics and cravings — and how they all work together
A guided healing to release the energy that leads to power struggles in your life, relationships, and with yourself
Module 4: Breaking Through Energy Blocks of Conditioning & Reclaiming Your Power (December 5)
At this point in your journey, you’ll take a close look at your sense of power and your energy boundaries…
Empaths and energetically sensitive people have porous boundaries that can lead to self-sabotage, making it very hard to trust your intuition…
Katy will help you move past these tendencies and create healthy boundaries in this powerful class session.
Working within your third chakra, you’ll discover the best ways to put strong boundaries in place to protect yourself, even in life’s most complex situations…
How do you protect myself within your family?
How do you protect myself at work when energetically things can feel sort of overwhelming?
Using your highest intuition to make the best choices for yourself can become your new normal…
This week, you’ll:
Develop healthy energy boundaries
Understand the nature of your self-sabotage and self-trust

Discover best practices for managing your soul energy
How your nurture (the way you live) becomes your nature (the way you are in the world)
Understand the energetic power of your conditioned self
Explore the meaning of energetic conformity — and its powerful implications
The difference between survival-level intuition and high-level intuition
How energetically sensitive people feel when they encounter situations that just don’t feel right
Move through a guided healing practice to discern the difference between survival intuition and high-level intuition
Module 5: Meeting Your Soul & Feeling Your Essence (December 12)
While the first three chakras are connected to your external world experience, this week you’ll move into your fourth chakra… and look inward.
You’ll discern how your soul contracts, life themes, and the rich, beautiful parts in your eighth chakra resonate… it’s all within the heart.
At this point in your training, you’ve cleared many obstacles keeping you from your healthiest possible relationships with the external world — and uncovered a much greater sense of your role as a soul here in human form…
Now that the path has been cleared for your essence to come into full embodiment — who are you, really? How can you fully come into your soul contract?
This week you’ll discover the answers as you move more deeply into your true nature and enter the domain of your soul.
In this module, you’ll:
Discern the difference between empathy and compassion
Pinpoint energy leaks and blocks that hold back the heart energy
Developing courage to be who you are here to be and owning the totality of your soul energy
Say YES yes to your soul essence, providing your soul with the container it needs to move mountains in your life and create your own healing practice.
Release ancestral grief and multi-dimensional sadness that weighs heavy on the heart from all spans of time, in all directions
Step into the clear essence that is you, here to manifest and experience the divine in everything you do
Become more embodied in your essence — a beautiful, empowering place to be
Take part in a profound heart-opening meditation to clear multi-dimensions and generations from grief, sadness, betrayal, and lack of trust
Module 6: Making Soul-Aligned Choices (December 19)
This week, you’ll track your soul energy from each of the previous modules — and use your newfound potent energy system to make better choices for your life.
It’s time to take an honest look at how you’re utilizing your soul energy. It’s essential to understand that, from your fresh viewpoint in the fifth chakra, you’re looking at the world from a different place…
You’re also experiencing yourself in a very different way, welcoming in a different level of responsibility for your soul energy, and where you put your focus and attention…
Are you going to choose your former programming in this situation in my life, for example, or choose a new higher understanding?
During this class session, you’ll:
Track your energy and understand what’s motivating your choices — and whether your conditioned self or your clear, soul energy self is actually getting the last word
Embody your Truth
Express yourself, completely unencumbered by outside influences
Understand the truth about why your intuition has failed you in the past
Make guided, divine choices from your new conscious perspective — and refuse to go back to your old programming
Discover how to shift your

mindset from a victim of your life experience to the co-creator of it
Come to deeply understand that one of the greatest powers you’ll ever have is the power of choice
Explore the energy construct of “head versus heart battles” during a guided meditation — and release the confusion
Module 7: Strengthening Your Intuition & Opening to Sacred Dimensions (January 9)
This week you’ll move into the mind field for the first time in the course.
You’ll also look at the energy constructs behind avoidance, denial, and rationalization… and decode how positive thinking can create energy gaps.
You’ll also open up new perspectives, which includes opening up your intuition even more.
You’ll discover the importance of your mind and your perceptions… and how your perfections are often listed straight from your programming, ways of seeing the world you learned at a very early age…
Now that you’ve reorganized your energy system through your fifth chakra, you’re able to see the world from a different lens, collapsing all of the old constructs that limited your view of the world.
It’s time to activate your inner sacred nature so you’ll start to truly see and feel the powerful truth: everything is possible.
This week you’ll:
Elements in one of your descending chakras that has prevented you from believing in yourself and life’s possibilities
Interpret the energetics of perceptions, both old and new
Discover how to prevent energy gaps

Move from witnessing life to detached embodiment
Dive deep into the dynamics of isolation and disconnection in your life
Discover how environmental energy impacts your mind field
Unlock the sixth chakra’s positive thinking
Receive a guided healing practice to fill in energy gaps
Module 8: Access Your Gateway to the Sacred (January 16)
At this point in your journey you’ll open the crown chakra  — your 8th chakra information, and alignment with the quantum field, will move through your entire energy system…
This week you’ll tap into your capacity to receive sacred insights and cosmic wisdom — and call in energy from the quantum field, enabling you to activate your healing skills
In this module, you’ll:
Move sacred energy in the specific places it needs to go, dispersing the sacred throughout your whole being
Manage your healing skills
Understand how to work with sacred energy from the highest realms, as determined by your soul contract
Embody the energy of change through the 5 stages of embodiment
Master your energy literacy
Access your gateway to the sacred — this living, breathing surrender happens when you’re fully in the now, and your entire BE-ing understands that everything happens in divine flow
Take part in a healing exercise to discover your life themes, as written in your soul contract
Module 9: Living Your 8th Chakra Life — Fully Reclaiming Your Soul Energy (January 23)
In your final week with Katy — and your new global community — you’ll bring the whole energy body online, aligning it with the greater cosmic forces…
You’ll call your soul energy into the here and now — and settle into a space of BEing.
How do you go forward and live this 8th chakra life?
How do you embody this and continue this journey, knowing exactly how to be in that space of self-healing…
… AND be in a co-creative space, building the life you really want to live from a fully activated, fully embodied place?
As you wrap up this powerful course, you’ll:
Follow along as Katy calls in THE highest transmissions to ignite you on all levels: mind, body, and spirit
Ask yourself, What’s in flow for me?
Move your soul energy through your body to bring in information directly from your 8th chakra
Fully tune in and intuit energetic interference
Integrate your 8th chakra energy
Align with synchronicity as a way of life
Activate soul energy on all levels during your final healing with Katy
The Your 8th Chakra Life Bonus Collection
In addition to Katy’s transformative 9-week virtual course, you’ll receive these powerful training sessions with leading visionaries and teachers. These bonus sessions complement the course and promise to take your understanding and practice to an even deeper level.

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