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Julie Renee – Timelines

Your Personal Timelines:
Momentum of Evolution, Growth and Enlightenment

Your timelines help you Evolve and Grow in extraordinary ways.  They are a mechanism of your historical challenges and worthy issues brought forth again to be learned from. In our trainings we look at difficulties, and also the magical, wonderful moments are brought forth on timelines that stimulate joy, grace and renewed Essence (spirit) giving you a hidden reminder of what you both want to accomplish and what has already been accomplished.

Timelines are complex mechanisms directing unresolved information, struggle and difficulty from your past, typically from past lives or from your genetic heritage, but on rare occasions from a future event into your present life. These Timelines can be useful as challenge typically from the past is brought up for resolution and an opportunity for evolution and a movement towards wise elder wisdom and enlightenment.

Why work on timelines? The more issues you address in one life and the more challenges you take on from your timelines, which you have typically directed prior to entering this body, the more rapid your transformation and evolvement. I remember an Elder Vedic Numerologist from the Indian tradition shocked as he looked at my rapid progression declaring I had lived 7 lifetimes already in my 33 years. The rapid progression and extreme difficulties can mean a drive towards full awakening and full enlightenment in one lifetime. It always represents your spirits desire to be greater, bigger and contribute more by learning rapidly, having many opportunities to learn and evolve through a powerful drive and momentum.

Are you coasting? Easy life? You’re moving through few timeline challenges and perhaps calling on a life to fortify your spirit in body relationship. If you’re in a coast life your goals are likely to relax restore and feel the loving support available to you. You may have come through several really difficult lifetimes and need a simpler life with less stress and strain.

Or Are you experiencing many hard challenges in this life? You’ve set yourself on a progressive path of growth and transformation. The secret to difficulties is to learn and release rapidly, not get hooked on what the challenges mean on a low level, but how you can step into understanding the greater picture. In this way you’ll be challenged by people and circumstances and then given a choice to stay stuck or step up your wisdom, both using the quantum technologies to clear and putting the rest the challenge, meaning you understand and have mastered it, don’t need to live it out any longer.

Grow and resolve past problems. By learning about your complex set of timelines you will have insights into the desires of your spirit nature to transform. You’ll be able to rapidly clear issues you no longer need to deal with, or choose not to bring in as a problem in this lifetime.

For example: I was driven from early childhood to have children. I babysat 6 nights a week by the time I was 10 and was engaged with the dream of children by the time I was 16. I married at 18, had my first child at 19 and lost all 3 of my children at age 24 through a series of unbelievable events. The timeline involvement for this circumstance came from: Cycles D17, Ancestral oppression cyclic E19, Emotional, Family, Physical, Spirals, DNA, DNA of others, DNA Resets.

At age 49 I was engaged to a Japanese pediatrician. We’d taken actions for home and family, in contract on a home in Petaluma, with 2 surrogate moms lined up to carry our children for us, and a grace cathedral wedding. My former fiancé got cold feet just 2 weeks before the big event and canceled my lovely dream life. The abrupt ending was traumatic and shocking but for the best of course as his nature was ‘ragasic’, always unsettled and irritable. I would not have lived my mission had I played this life out. The timeline involvement for this Cycles D17, Life cycle covenant Ancestral oppression cyclic E19, Family, Spirals, DNA, DNA of others DNA Resets.

You’ll learn how to recognize a timeline issue, and how if you choose to illuminate it, with a 3 special quantum pump technique we use on special occasions. The Quantum Technology is incredibly efficient and results are rapid. This is a training class, just 2 hours however you will have all the details you need to move forward on the clearings independently.

Timelines 2019 2-Hour Overview

In our 2-hour training we’ll take a good look at the following timelines, fully reveal the details above, and we will be pumping the entire time even though this is meant to be more educational then clearing.

Mental    Essence to soul family covenant H27    CyclesD17   Life cycle covenant    Obsession L11   Ancestral oppression cyclic E19 Emotional  Family  Energetic  Physical  Spirals  DNA  DNA of others  DNA Resets

We will be fully explored in our rapidly growing chart of timeline awareness. You’ll be able to see how the information is being brought through into this life and what approaches you can take to evolve and grow as well as clear and let go. You’ll learn how not to be committed and locked in to repeating life time to lifetime same problem or having to resolve a genetic heritage line problem that may not be what you have any passion for. Special Blueprint Clearing.


Support Materials

Family and Timelines

New charts revealing the secrets details, easily understood on the 14 timelines.

Candles chart diagram graph stock trading investment business finance concept mixed media double exposure virtual screen.

Previous Timeline charts from past years giving you a good understanding of what we know up to now.

Spiral galaxy

3 fascinating articles on Spirals and the nonlinear progression of time.


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