Julie Renee – Clearing Sleep Invaders

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Product Name: Julie Renee – Clearing Sleep Invaders
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Julie Renee – Clearing Sleep Invaders

What is Happening to your Body while You’re Sleeping?
Are you waking feeling tired and drained?

In this powerful 4-hour marathon training
we’ll be focusing on clearing what spiritual interferences
are doing to you while you are in a sleep state

Sleep is our time to restore refresh and of course regenerate. This is unfortunately being interrupted by many spiritual interferences who are capable of stealing our energy, both from life force and from the light of a cell. I’ve discovered they’re preventing us from maintaining our youthful energized bodies, and are a major cause for rapid aging and degeneration.

You may or may not be aware of these critters. In a previous training we focused on clearing nightmares and eliminating sleep disturbances.

End to nighttime slavery!

My horrific nightmares stopped and I’ve started having beautiful dreams. It’s so new and wonderful! Thanks for these very thorough charts. Thank you for doing all of that! Feels peaceful This all does feel intense and rooted but it’s shifting. It does feel like it’s ending a kind of slavery.

— Carole

This year in 2020 we’re on an entirely new trajectory.We’re going to clear all interferences that have any capacity to do these and other things to our body:


Including: magnetism, personality, ego, attractiveness

Amplify illness
Reaping clan knowledge
Stimulate compulsion


Including: life force, kundalini, prana

As a power source
Curious invasion
Interfere with regeneration
Steal life force
Use energy as a power source


Including: human spirit access portal, nadis, aura

Access fuel from light of cells use Cause suffering
Draw out – vampire
Exert pain
Interfere with or cause rapid aging
Repressing longevity
Tracking device
Use body for a power source

From birth Adelia suffered night terrors. At 5 months I was able to fully clear Adelia and she’s able to get normal joyous sleep. Now at 31 months Adelia loves her nap and sleep time! She is a blossoming child, no nightmares ever.

In this powerful training we’ll be addressing first and foremost what is being done clearing all anchors and spiritual interferences and dimensional aspects which I’m sure there are many who take over and reap the fuel and regenerative energies meant only for you.

These invaders take over as a spirit leaves your body for a night of rest. You may have had them with you for lifetimes, or they may be part of your bloodline and family heritage tagging onto your DNA or blood. I’ll be setting up the chart uniquely this year based on the problems and area of the blueprint.

Arachnoid CD
Devil CD
Ghost CD
Hybrid CD
Reptoid CD
Satan CD
Synthetic CD
Waves CD

We’ll be cleaning out, on a very deep level, all the troublesome programs, emotions and anchors that allow, welcome and even invite these bugaboos back night after night to make a mess of your peaceful sleep space.

We are as the chart above shows, paying special attention to the purpose of their encampment, so we can fully remove these deceptive, and often diabolical aliens. You’ll be gaining such a wealth of knowledge, learning the correct hand gestures (quantum pump styles) for each type of interference, as well as getting free of sleep invaders, many of whom rode in uninvited, attached at birth to your new body, to steal your energy. You can be sure the new drop and half moon (hand movements) will be part of this clearing day.

One Marathon 4-Hour Focused Training

Massive new clearing all identifiable issues caused from spiritual interferences and all related additional chart areas, especially focusing in on the aspect of cross dimensional invasion, any new anchors and also new problems we have yet to identify.

Prayer, Affirmation of our Spiritual Freedom, singing to the Awakening Part of Our Spirit in Body self-begin the 4 blessed hours. I have wired in fun, new information, new style of charting, new clearing techniques and new Divine Human Blueprint clearings.

Changing this, changes the set point for all humans, what are we no longer willing to tolerate?

Support Materials

Audio: How to Recharge from Stress, Overwhelm & Burnout

Video: Anti-Aging-How You Sleep is the Key to How You Age

Video: Overcoming Problems with Your Sleep Cycle

Video: How to Become More Beautiful with Proper Rest

5-Minute Meditations to Use Prior to Sleep

Deep Sleep

Deep Sleep

If you’ve longed for a guide to lead you into your positive dream space, to enter a blissful sleep and awake refreshed, this is the meditation to take you there. Powerful visualizations bring you to safe rest, and even activate your natural sleep gland chemistry.


  • Breathing Deep Sleep Blue ~ Serenity and Peace
  • Velvety Flower ~ Your Bed of Surrender and Release
  • Sleep Gland Technique for Releasing Your Own Melatonin
  • Gratitude Bliss Amplifier ~ God Connection
  • Reset Program for Waking Refreshed and Revitalized

If you long for a good night’s sleep or want to set your dream space for better dreams, this meditation will align you. Using blue as stabilizer for a relaxed body, you enter into your sleep time in preparation for a deep sleep and pleasant dreams.



The word “ease” triggers a sense of grace and serenity. If you are ready to shift from where you are to a calmness of mind and ease of spirit this is a perfect meditation for you today.


  • Grounding Breath
  • Releasing Stress from your Legs: Muscles and Bones
  • Feeling Safe in an Inner Shower Of Relaxation and Peace
  • A Sandy Beach Moment
  • Grace and Ease
  • Trusting of Self, Strong and Soft

Ease is the sought after state of grace trigger, when one is in the flow of life. If you have found yourself falling out of sync with ease, then this will get you back in the game once more.



Let go of what you cannot control and embrace your field of peace and pleasure. This meditation delivers a serene and happy healing to body and being. As you glide through this sweet “grace filled” meditation you will notice an increase in your wisdom as your stress falls away, quickly and easily restoring order and ease to your life.


  • Breath of Positivity, Hope and Love Release of Stressors
  • Grounding Cord Release of ‘That Which is Not You’
  • Rainbow Color Fields of Healing Light
  • Restoring the Nervous System to Electric Blue
  • Aura Healing With Blue Corona
  • Seat of Soul ~ Center of Head Ownership ~ I am Serene

This amazing multi-faceted journey brings you to a place of serenity, guiding you to the release points needed to help you get back to your core. If you are tired of being agitated, worried and living with drama, and feel you are losing control, this is the meditation for you. It will help you get you back to your center.

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