Jon Sinn – Breakthrough Comfort Formula

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Product Name: Jon Sinn – Breakthrough Comfort Formula
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Jon Sinn – Breakthrough Comfort Formula

Jon Sinn - Breakthrough Comfort Formula

The “Breakthrough Comfort Formula” from Jon Sinn provides men with a step-by-step formula on how to make women fall in love with you.

List of Topics Covered:

  • How to break free from the friend zone and get the girl to start seeing you as a romantic partner
  • The #1 thing to keep in mind to make sure that the girl falls in love with you as opposed to thinking you’re needy and desperate
  • A tactic for getting girls committed to spend time with you
  • The 5 tools for conveying your passion to a woman in the right way
  • How to create sexual chemistry using only your words
  • Two sneaky, “innocent” things that you can ask a girl that will make her committed to you
  • How to create connections
  • How to find out the woman’s deepest hopes and dreams and use this information to make her fall in love with you
  • Secrets of the “You or Us” model and how to use it create connections
  • How to create the kind of emotional intimacy that women have been longing for
  • Exactly how to use compliments to make girls fall for you instead of coming across as needy
  • How to strike the perfect balance between your “hot” communication with your “cold” communication
  • Using phone and text to accelerate the intimacy process
  • Four tools for making a woman imagine her compelling future with you
  • How to plan and execute the “falling in love” date
  • The #1 thing that destroys any possibility of turning a friend into a lover.
  • The single most important thing that you must do if you want the girl to trust you on a very deep level
  • How to unleash the worth-falling-in-love-with man inside of you

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6-Audio Training Session CDs

  • Audio CD #1: Convey Your Passion
  • Audio CD #2: The Golden Mirror
  • Audio CD #3: Hot/Cold Communication
  • Audio CD #4: Project A Future Together
  • Audio CD #5: Emotional Honestly
  • Audio CD #6: The Whirlwind Courtship and Creating Drama

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