Joey Mckenna – The Sniper Scoring System

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Product Name: Joey Mckenna – The Sniper Scoring System
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The Sniper Scoring System By Joey Mckenna


Joey McKenna Teaches His System For Shooting And Scoring With Laser-Focused Wrestling Takedowns!

  • NCAA Finalist and 4-Time All-American wrestler Joey McKenna reveals the secrets of his finely tuned approach to wrestling domination
  • Receive world-class instruction on the most highly utilized takedowns in wrestling, such as the single leg, the double leg, and the fireman’s carry
  • Master the critical tools of stance, motion, level changes, and faking, so you can apply them to your wrestling exchanges
  • Strengthen your ability to finish takedowns and chain your techniques together with important details and easy to follow instruction, perfect for anyone looking to learn or reinforce the most critical themes in wrestling today

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