Joe Marwood – Hedge Fund Trading Systems Part Two

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Product Name: Joe Marwood – Hedge Fund Trading Systems Part Two
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Joe Marwood - Hedge Fund Trading Systems Part Two

Joe Marwood – Hedge Fund Trading Systems Part Two

Hedge Fund Trading Systems Part Two contains six completely new and unique trading systems for stocks, ETFs and futures.

System One Follow The Money is a weekly strategy designed for the S&P 600 small cap universe. It combines momentum, volume and volatility to find lasting trends.

System Two Nasdaq Pivots is a daily bar strategy that works off daily pivot levels. It’s designed to be used on Nasdaq 100 stocks but could also be adapted for other markets.

System Three Shorting ETFs is a short strategy that trades leveraged ETFs and takes advantage of a concept called time decay.

System Four E-Mini Dips is a ‘buy-the-dip’ type strategy and this one is designed to trade the E-Mini S&P 500 futures contract as well as the US Ten Year Note futures contract.

System Five Bar Strength is a daily mean reversion strategy based on a simple price action indicator and is designed for 7 liquid ETFs: SPY, QQQ, TLT, VNQ, XLE, GLD, IEF.

System Six ETF Pullbacks is another mean reversion strategy that finds pullbacks in upward trending ETFs and has a high win rate of over 70%.

Every system on the course has been run on robust historical data from Norgate Investor Services and shows a clear profitable edge in back-testing.

The goal is to provide objective trading systems with clear rules. All faith and opinion based analysis is left behind here.

Access to the course includes full Amibroker source code (AFL) for each system, lessons on back-testing and my personalised process for taking a trading system live.

Note that you do not need Amibroker to take this course as all the system rules are fully explained.

Course Curriculum

PreviewDisclaimer (1:36)
PreviewStructure Of The Course (2:07)
PreviewSome Background (3:11)
PreviewThe System Traders Advantage (6:28)
StartThe System Traders Feedback Loop (9:21)
StartThe Tools And Data We Need (9:56)
StartBacktesting Mistakes (16:38)
StartWhere To Find New Trading Ideas (1:57)
StartTrading Metrics
Trading Systems
StartIntroduction To The Trading Systems (7:32)
StartSystem One: Follow The Money (15:24)
StartSystem Two: Nasdaq Pivots (9:42)
StartSystem Three: Shorting ETFs (11:58)
StartSystem Four: E-Mini Dips (12:34)
StartSystem Five: Bar Strength (10:47)
StartSystem Six: ETF Pullbacks (11:17)
Next Steps
StartCombining Trading Systems (5:00)
StartHow To Improve A Trading System (5:28)
StartRecent Trade Examples (8:30)
StartSeven Ways To Validate A Trading System
StartMan + Machine
StartGoing Live (2:00)
StartThe End (0:37)
System Code & Resources
StartTrading System Code For Amibroker (Norgate NDU)
StartTrading System Code For Amibroker (Normal Version)
StartTrading System Code For Quantopian
Bonus Trading Systems & Content
StartVWAP Pilot
StartBar Strength – System Enhancement
StartSystem Notes – Updated
StartCourse Discussions

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