Joe Lampton – Obsessed

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Joe Lampton – Obsessed 2 – The Dark Triad Playboy

Joe Lampton - Obsessed 2 - The Dark Triad Playboy

I’ve decided it’s time to share my experiences from the last 2 years and explain the new methods I’ve developed in order to navigate through the dating scene


It’s ok to have sex with random women

It’s ok to have fun

But what every man really wants is having women SOUL LOCKED

Women who will never forget you. Who will do unimaginable things for you. Who will remember you for the rest of their lives.

This is not a book talking about approaching 6’s on Tinder

This book will teach you, from A to Z, how to take a woman and make her your most valuable asset

Everyone can have a girlfriend. Everyone can fuck random single moms. Everyone can “spin plates”.

But only a select few can experience the upper echelon of romance:


Join me in the ranks of the most skilled playboys.

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