James Tripp – Hypnotherapy Heresy + Non-Verbal Influence

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James Tripp
Hypno Heresy
Fundamentals of Non Verbal Influence
Why is it called Hypnotherapy Heresy?

First off is the reason I have already given above: the classical view is if you want to learn hypnotherapy you need this deep, in-depth course. So heretical in saying:

“No you don’t need need a deep in-depth course, you need just enough really highly focused material to set you off so you hit the ground running and you’re able to start doing some reasonably effective work with people straight off the bat… and THEN you are in a real position to start refining your skills.”

Secondly, ‘heresy’ because we will be throwing out a lot of ‘dogma’ about hypnosis and hypnotherapy. Indeed, the last time I ran a hypnosis workshop I had somebody run out in tears saying “you don’t even believe in hypnosis”. Now this isn’t true, but if you are already familiar with the HWT approach, you will know that I am happy to take a functional rather than ‘mythical’ view if this craft.

The models and conceptual underpinnings presented via this programme are about getting ‘under the hood’ of hypnotherapy so that we can really understand the value in the work we do…

Getting into the mechanics of it so you can really understand what you’re doing in a way that enables you to psychologically stack the deck in your favour!

Over 10 hours of exclusive video – Everything you REALLY need to structure a
Hypnotic Changework session from end to end!

End-to-end ‘Heresy’ Process Map
Elegant and Powerful Framing
Simple and Impactful Core Processes
Key Skills and Tools Unpacked
Psychological Subtleties to Stack the Odds
Business Considerations and Pragmatics

Recorded Live in June 2014 – Presented and Facilitated by James Tripp

Hypnosis Without Trance – The Fundamentals of Non-Verbal Influence

Moving minds and creating impact through how you move, express and generally show up

of all the elements that comprise influential communication…

…the Non-Verbal elements are easily the most important!

Because if you can’t gain trust, if you can’t establish connection if you can’t communicate authority, you lack gravitas and presence and can’t lead the dynamic in terms of focus, emotion and ‘vibe‘…

…then all the hypnotic language patterns, values elicitation, anchoring work etc. will all fall to nothing!


All of these things create the context for your linguistic and strategic work. But here’s the thing…

…even in the absence of smart and focused linguistic and strategic work, this stuff is still dynamite, because it is the basis for what we could call Gravitational Influence – the kind of influence that…

…effortlessly pulls people into orbit around you and creates within them a desire to follow your lead!

(there is much to be said for this form of influence – it is not a Machiavellian manipulation but a powerful and congruent way of being in the world that starts from the inside out… but more on that another time).

Gravitational Influence is a powerful thing to develop, and the more of it you ‘have’, the more things will just go your way in life. And be clear…

…it is 100% something that can be learned.

And a key part of that learning is understanding the non-verbal dynamics!

Ironically, 10 years on from being that disempowered data-inputter, I have people from time to time say things to me like:

“It’s all right for you, you have natural confidence!”

And why do they say that? Because they draw an unconscious assumption based upon LEARNED non-verbal skills! LEARNED SKILLS – and…

…you can learn these skills too!

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