Jai Dev Singh – Complete Course of Ayurveda 3.0

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Product Name: Jai Dev Singh – Complete Course of Ayurveda 3.0
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Jai Dev Singh – Complete Course of Ayurveda 3.0

Jai Dev Singh - Complete Course of Ayurveda 3.0


Jai Dev, This has been the most important study of myself…Your teaching method has really helped me to understand more than I ever thought possible! This class is great! Oh my gosh! I wish I’d paid attention to my body sooner! It’s been speaking to me all along and I didn’t understand what it was trying to say! This class is opening the doors to enlightenment.



Module 1: Activating Your Life-Energy

Here, our journey begins. You’ll see right from the beginning that this is not your average Ayurveda course. The context in which we approach something is central in determining how well we will be able to understand it, and how deep we will be able to dive inside of it.

In the first module, Jai Dev beautifully unpacks the vision of Ayurveda and the entryway into studying it and practicing it with great depth. You’ll learn how Ayurveda understands the roots of disease and how to walk on the path to ‘svastha,’ perfect health.

Module 2: Discovering Your Inner Architecture

The study of Ayurveda is essentially the study of nature’s intelligence, and how to align with it. When you align with it, automatically the body and mind will start to experience greater and greater equilibrium, and thus vitality. The great sages of India codified the principles of the supreme intelligence into a map, an architecture, that we can learnstudy and experience. These principles are not outside of us. It is the inner architecture of our very mind and body, as well as the subtle infrastructure of the cosmos.

In this module, you will learn the fundamental building blocks of your subtleenergetic, mental and physical nature. By deeply understanding what they are and how they operate, it will allow you to come into better alignment with them in your life. The greater your alignment with the true principles of life, the greater your healthhappiness, and sense of purpose will be.

Module 3: Tuning the Human Instrument to Health

Here our endeavor to align with nature’s supreme intelligence goes deeper. The Five Great Elements are the building blocks that govern everything in nature, including our bodies and minds. The great sages of India described the five elements in wonderful detail and poetic brilliance.

In the third module you’ll be presented with a vision of your mindbody, and energy system that just may change how you think of yourself forever. The body and mind, along with its corresponding energy channels and subtle bodies, is experienced as a majestic instrument. Here, you will learn the dance of the elements, how to purify the obstructions of the mind, how to root out the subtle tendencies which perpetuate our imbalances and unhappiness, and how to attune your system to a consistently happier way of living.

Module 4: Prakriti — Secrets of Lifelong Health

Your mind and body are different to that of anyone else on the Planet. You have incredible superpowers that are innate to you, that we want to bring out and strengthen. Likewise, you have areas which you’re vulnerable, which we want to navigate with compassion, love and wisdom.

In this module, you’ll discover and unpack your unique body-mind constitution. In this module, you’ll start to look closely at the constitution you were born with (which Ayurveda calls prakriti), and also the state of relative harmony, or imbalance, you find yourself in now (vikriti).This is essential to learn how you tend to go out of balance, and when you do, how to bring yourself back.

Module 5: Six Stages of Disease Development

This is the great science of disease and vitality. There is a natural flow of the elements in all of life — our bodies and minds are no exception! The root cause of vitality (and disease) is how we are able to navigate and metabolize this natural flow of the elements. In this module, we begin to study how pathology develops in the body and mind. We learn to recognize the underlying causes of disease formation, the early symptoms of sickness, and how we can bring ourselves into a state of healthy balance.

Module 6: Perfect Digestion

Have you ever heard the phrase, “you are what you eat?” Well, Ayurveda takes that concept a little further. It shows us how different parts of our body are connected to specific mental states. In this module, you’ll meet your second brain: your gut. With robust stomach health, you’ll find that your mental and emotional spheres will better process and digest the experiences of your life — past, present, and future. We’ll also unlock the secrets of how we can target and nurture the seven primary tissue layers of our body (the dhatus) for a balancedrelaxed and creative mind.

Module 7: The Art of Ayurvedic Alchemy

Ayurveda calls our digestive capacity, or fire, our “agni.” In this module, we will look at how well (or how poorly) our body is currently digesting food — and the impact that this metabolic process has on our mind! When we bring this part of the body into balance —and get it working well — everything else tends to work. In this session, we will learn how to nurture and build our agni to experience optimum health. When you know the Art of Ayurvedic Alchemy, you’ll know how to pick the exact right tools for your body, and finally start to experience the vitality you know you’re capable of.

Module 8: Mastering the Art of Food & Diet

This is fun! Now that you know the wisdom of Ayurveda, you can finally relax about what you’re eating, while picking the perfect foods for where you are right now. We’ll learn how to eat for our unique body type — and how this changes depending on our time of life, where we’re living, and the season we’re in. Ayurveda teaches us that food is medicine, and here we’re going to learn how to eat each and every day for maximum health and healing — while having a great time doing it.

Module 9: The Ayurvedic Art of Herbalism

Now you know the deeper science underlying Ayurveda — and will use your knowledge to create a personalized herb regimen that’s perfect for you and your unique body type. We’re going to use the wisdom of Ayurvedic Herbology to cleanse and build the body, to clarify the mind, and to increase the sattvic, spiritual energy in the body. You’ll create a personalized herb regimen that will support your long-term health — so that you have the energy, mental clarity and vitality you’ll need to put your deepest aspirations into action.

Module 10: Ayurvedic Living & the Kundalini Experience

Our primary endeavor is to enjoy life more. As yogis, we undertake that by endeavoring to realize our more essential nature — our true identity. This is what we call “The Kundalini Experience.” In this final module of the course, you’ll put into place the beautiful Ayurvedic lifestyle practices that make sense for your life, and where you are right now. You will create a dinacharya — a daily routine — that supports your radianceclarity, and sense of happiness from the moment you wake up, to when you go to sleep at night. We make sure that all this is approachable and real for the modern-day person, so that you can experience the amazing effects now and well into the future!



Here, our kitchens will transform into both our classroom and our pharmacy! With the main modules of the Complete Course of Ayurveda as our backbone, we will utilize our principles of Ayurvedic Alchemy in order to understand how we can not only make food that is medicinal, but also delicious.

Ayurvedic cuisine is not limited to the food stylings of its Indian homeland. Here you’ll learn how to use Ayurvedic principles in all the different styles of food you prepare. You’ll learn how to cook Ayurvedically for your whole family, and how to make modifications for the different constitutions you’re cooking for.

Most importantly, you’ll learn to cook with the joy of life. You’ll learn how to put your prana into the food, and how to balance the five great elements through your cooking and your food. Here, not only does food become our medicine, food preparation becomes our living prayer.


At the time of your birth, whichever constellation was on the eastern horizon is what Vedic Astrologers call your ‘Lagna’…your ‘auspicious moment.’ That constellation is called ‘the first house of self’ and gives a definite tone to your life, and the way you perceive the world. Simultaneously, we could take a snapshot of the entire sky from that moment (your horoscope), and gain a useful portrait of the mind and body’s tendencies. We can gain practical insight that gives us perspective on where we’ve been, and the higher octave of our life’s direction.

In this special class we will use the Vedic horoscope to gain perspective on our Ayurvedic constitution, our life’s natural direction, our potential challenges, and our opportunities for greater health and happiness. This is an introductory class that will teach you simple and practical ways to look at your horoscope through the lens of Vedic wisdom!


In this bonus module, Jai Dev teaches you how to really put your creativity and Ayurvedic wisdom to work. You will learn how to use your understanding of the chemistry of the five elements and the six tastes to create herbal formulas that are fine-tuned to the needs of your unique body-mind type. Certain herbs have qualities which complement and strengthen each other, creating a synergistic effect that will really boost your metabolic health, and clarify your mind so that you can tune your vehicle towards your dharmic path. You’ll be able to use your newfound herbology to create formulas targeted for yourself, as well as for your family and friends!


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