Jacob Harman – The Basic Building Blocks Of Wrestling

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Product Name: Jacob Harman – The Basic Building Blocks Of Wrestling
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The Basic Building Blocks Of Wrestling By Jacob Harman

Build Successful Wrestling Habits With Elite West Coast Coach Jacob Harman’s Guide On Fun & Effective Youth Wrestling Coaching

  • Coach Jacob Harman teaches you how he helped mold great athletes with positive energy and a focus on technique
  • Learn the basics of wrestling from one of the most accomplished and sought after coaches in the sport
  • Use skill-building¬† games that are both fun and beneficial to your progression as a grappler
  • Discover drilling sequences that will quickly increase your understanding of the fundamental movements and themes of wrestling
  • Enjoy top tier instruction on the most important takedowns, including the double leg and the single leg with the most critical beginner level details that you need to build a strong wrestling foundation

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