Iquim – Dr Terry Oleson – Auriculotherapy Training

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Product Name:  Iquim – Dr Terry Oleson – Auriculotherapy Training
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Iquim – Dr Terry Oleson – Auriculotherapy Training

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If you are dedicated to helping people feel better then you are always looking for ways to improve your effectiveness, and even to expand your scope of practice. Sometimes you spend large sums of money and invest a big chunk of your valuable spare time to learn a new treatment technique, and then discover that it just doesn’t fit into your style of practice, or is only helpful in a small percentage of cases. But occasionally a real gem comes along which adds value and income to your services. I’d like to invite you to join myself Nick Hodgson and my wife Gill in learning a simple but effective treatment – Auriculotherapy is an extremely straight forward technique which can be taught in a few hours of easy to follow training.

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Back in 2003 Gill and I hosted a top presenter from the USA to teach a chiropractic technique seminar in Melbourne. Over 70 practitioners attended that program. During the seminar we were introduced to Auriculotherapy, which is an established treatment modality in Europe and the USA, but has been wrongly confused with Ear Acupuncture here in Australia. That weekend we organized an impromptu one day workshop, and one week later two thirds of those practitioners attended our first Auriculotherapy program. Since then we have organized and presented this program to dozens of health professionals from many fields, with consistent positive and excited feedback…


Auriculotherapy is a neurological treatment modality using internationally standardized reflex points on the surface of the ear. By using the latest micro-current electronics technology you can both diagnose the active reflex points, and, treat signs and symptoms that are associated with the active points. The nerve endings which richly innervate the skin of the ear offer the shortest neurological access point to the brain. The other direct “microsystem” of reflex points is the iris, as in Iridology: But Iridology can only be used as a diagnostic aid. Auriculotherapy can also be used to treat by utilizing micro-current stimulation. All the other microsystems such as reflexology and Acupuncture are much more indirect in their connection to the brain.

Watch a short workshop introducing the principles and benefits of Auriculotherapy…


(Can’t view the video? Click on this link… )

And there are many benefits from adding Auriculotherapy to your health care practice:

Musculoskeletal Problems
Pain Management
Internal Disorders
Stress-Related Disorders
The Five Addictions

Improve the speed of your pain management strategies – people persist with care when you can offer them drug-free pain relief
Speed up your client’s healing towards wellness – effective neurological intervention
See better results with sport and joint problems – break open the Central Nervous System reflex loops that limit healing
Expanded scope of practice – consistently improve signs and symptoms of internal disorders
Refine your differential diagnosis – modality that helps to isolate dysfunctional systems and tissues
Offer your clients relief from depression, anxiety and compulsive related feelings
Be a saint in your community by assisting addicts of all kinds in their recovery process
Improve your profitability by introducing an effective modality – can be taught and delegated to assistants
Reduce the physical and mental strain and demand placed on you by most manual therapies
Impress your clients (and perplex your local GP) with your ability to tell them things about their bodily functions that they hadn’t mentioned – excited clients refer their friends and family!

What’s involved with AURICULOTHERAPY Training?


 width= A six-part two DVD training program

 width= Plenty of advice on how to get hands on practice and experience so that you are ready to use what you have learnt

 width= Training manual included to help follow the teaching

 width= Educational Assessment Exam if you wish to receive a certificate of training completion

 width= Free email support following the program to answer any questions




DVD 1:

Parts 1 to 3 of the training, covering the Introduction, History, Anatomy and Master Points

DVD 2:

Parts 4 to 6, covering Instrument Use, Somatotopic Maps and Treatment


Study Guide which should be read first, the DVD Training Notes, a Reading File, the Educational Assessment Exam, and bonus resources including Patient Education Brochure, two Introductory MP4 Videos, and an Educational Powerpoint



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