Igor Ledochowski – Hypnotic Journeys

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Product Name: Igor Ledochowski – Hypnotic Journeys
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Group hypnosis sessions are an easy and safe form of hypnosis that should be in every hypnotists toolkit. Novices can learn a few simple rules which will allow them to offer Hypnotic Journeys to their friends and acquaintances, so that they always have willing and eager volunteers to practice hypnosis on.
More experienced hypnotists will love Hypnotic Journeys because they can achieve some important things like:
Develop an additional, ongoing stream of income for your hypnosis practice
Give people a powerful taste of hypnosis and inspire them to book a private session to overcome their problems
Indirectly soften up a clients “stuck” issue by layering in suggestions when they are distracted by the journey
Offer people of all income levels an opportunity to benefit from the power of hypnosis without “breaking the bank”
Harvest the “compounded interest” of personal transformation when people make seemingly small positive changes every week, every month and every year… Get immediately download here Igor Ledochowski – Hypnotic Journeys
Imagine you could take a group of people through a hypnotic journey where each person had their own individual experience. What if you could design it in such a way that the experience each person gets is exactly what theyneed to move forwards in life?
In this session we’ll reveal the secrets to running a successful Hypnotic Journey program with any group. You’ll even get a chance to experience the power of a Hypnotic Journey for yourself, so that you can feel for yourself how compelling they can be.