Igor Ledochowski – Beyond Self Hypnosis 2021

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Product Name: Igor Ledochowski – Beyond Self Hypnosis 2021
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Igor Ledochowski – Beyond Self Hypnosis 2021

Igor Ledochowski - Beyond Self Hypnosis 2021


“How To UPGRADE Your Brain’s
Architecture & Expand The Limits
Of Your Unconscious Mind
So You Can…”

  • Increase your performance in any area of your life…
  • Reach a particular goal that has always been out of reach for you…
  • “Outgrow” your personal problems…


  • Experience “inner healing” to emotional blocks
  • And (if you want) experience heightened states of conscious awareness…

If you’re an adventurous hypnotist this offers you an exploration of your unconscious mind that you will not have ventured into before…

And if you want to achieve goals or perform at ability levels you’ve never been able to before – this will show you how to “grow into the person” who HAS the goal or skill you want to have…

From: Igor Ledochowski

Dear Reader,

Have you ever felt that, no matter what success technique or self-improvement process you use, you just can’t seem to make any significant (life-altering) changes in your life?

If so, you’re not alone.

And let me reassure you of something…

It’s Not Your Fault!

See here’s the truth of the matter:

Your life cannot change beyond your mental (and often unconscious) mind map. Your life can only change (for the better) up to the “borders” of your current mind map.

Therefore, profound life-enhancing changes in your life can only occur if:

You are currently living well within the confines of your current mental map (i.e., if you are neglecting much of your natural capabilities).

Or (as is more likely the case if you have already experimented with self-hypnosis and other success-oriented techniques)

You discover how to “extend” or “enlarge” the borders of your mind map (thus giving you more “room” to grow and evolve as an individual and, hence, achieve more in your life).

The thing is — (and this is the problem you are likely rubbing up against) — is that virtually every self-improvement technique will only work up to the “limits” of your current mental map.

Therefore, if you are already living at the limit or close to the limit of your current mental map then any success or self-improvement technique (including self-hypnosis) will produce, at best, very minimal positive changes in your life… or at worst…

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No Perceivable Positive
Changes At All

And that can be extremely disheartening and frustrating for many people. Possibly (probably!) you included.

But again: It’s not your fault.

It’s just that nobody has ever given you the mental tools necessary to extend and enlarge the “borders” of your mental map — and shown you how to use the necessary mental tools — so you have the “extra capacity” to do and achieve more of what you want to do in your life.

Although, for you, that all changes TODAY.

Today, you are going to discover the means by which you can safely and incrementally extend and enlarge the “borders” (“limits”) of your mental map so you suddenly have greater inner resources, energy and capabilities available to you to do and achieve the things you really want to be able to do in your life.

And the way you are going to be able to extend and enlarge the “limits” of your mental map is through the mental exercises and processes contained in my NEW program:

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‘Beyond Self Hypnosis’

My NEW BEYOND SELF HYPNOSIS PROGRAM will take you w-a-y BEYOND  the ordinary limits of what self-hypnosis (or any other success-orientated technique) can provide you with.

An analogy to explain:

Imagine for a moment your life is contained within the perimeter of a bucket.

Well you can do anything up to the “limits” of the perimeter of the bucket.

Then, once you’ve reached those limits you go round and round the edges of what you’re capable of — but never making any progress BEYOND the perimeter of the bucket.

Not even if you use the best success and self-improvement techniques.

And your life feels kind of stagnant.

Or stuck.

And maybe even rather dull and boring.

But what if… what if… following on from the bucket analogy… you could suddenly “step out over” the perimeter of the bucket into, say, a play pen.

If that were to happen then (in your real life) you would experience a jump in personal evolution and your life-capacity would be “larger” and offer you more.

Then… what if… again following on from the analogy… you could consciously (at will) through a series of mental exercises… “step out beyond” the play pen and into, say, a HUGE meadow.

If that were to happen then (in your real lifeyou would once again experience an even bigger jump in personal evolution and your life-capacity would be even “larger” still and offer you even more resources and adventures.

Well, your current mental map (and therefore your corresponding “life-limits”) are similar to the bucket.

And the BEYOND SELF HYPNOSIS PROGRAM provides you the means (the mental tools and processes) by which you can “step out” of the bucket and into the larger play pen, and then “step out” of the play pen into the even larger meadow — and on and on.

Each time enlarging your mind map and your corresponding life-capacity.

And each time you expand and enlarge your mind map you are in a sense “stepping into a new reality” of what is possible for you to do and achieve as a person.

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No Other Self Improvement
Or Self-Hypnosis Technique
Can Do That For You


Another quick analogy so you can grasp the exciting transformational power the BEYOND SELF HYPNOSIS PROGRAM offers you:

Think of your computer. Like maybe the computer you are reading this message on. Well computers work with the “language” of binary code (binary code is made up entirely of ones and zeros).

That binary code will make no sense to you. But the computer can interpret binary code and “translates” it into the image or text on your computer screen so that you (as a human) understand it.


The BEYOND SELF HYPNOSIS PROGRAM gives you the mental tools (AKA: “operational language” of your unconscious mind) to make new connections in your brain and subsequently UPGRADE you “brain architecture” — and that “translates” as you BYPASS the limits you are currently experiencing in your daily living and actions. 

You Will Literally Have More
“Energy” (Mental And Emotional) With Which To Create A New Life
For Yourself With

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‘Beyond Self Hypnosis’

I will tell you a little more about the advanced and life-transforming mental tools and processes that the BEYOND SELF HYPNOSIS PROGRAM will give you in a moment.

But first I think it would be good for you to get an idea of how people have already been able to make real life breakthroughs using some of the mental tools and processes that the BEYOND SELF HYPNOSIS PROGRAM will give you.

For example:

lady psychiatrist (and keen artist) I taught some BEYOND SELF HYPNOSIS exercises to wanted to learn how to draw proficiently with her LEFT hand (she was right handed).

Well, after doing some BEYOND SELF HYPNOSIS exercises, and without any apparent effort (she just let her left hand “go”) she drew a FULL PORTRAIT with just her left hand.

Another guy wanted to learn how to do some martial art moves. I spent just 45 minutes demonstrating the moves to him (that was the only physical training we did together).

He then went away and did some BEYOND SELF HYPNOSIS exercises I gave him to “internalize” and “own” the skill of being able to perform the martial arts moves with “fight-ending” precision at a moment’s notice.

And that was that.

Except it wasn’t, because about 6-months later…

He Went “RoboCop” On An Murderous Thug That Was Violently Attacking A Panic-Stricken Women In A Car Park

Just like the character Jason Bourne in the movie “Bourne Identity” he just AUTOMATICALLY knew what punches and kicks to throw with blistering speed. And within just a few seconds he’d broken the thug’s knee and three of his ribs.

And my student told me he was as calm as a monk when it all happened.

Two other students I taught some of my BEYOND SELF HYPNOSIS exercises to had struggled (for over 10-years) with music related issues.

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One student wanted to play the guitar AND sing at the same time.

The other student wanted to hold the beat better while beat-boxing (beat-boxing is using your mouth to make “techno-like” sounds to the rhythm of the beat).

In that case I ran through the BEYOND SELF HYPNOSIS exercises with them. And there were a lot of interruptions within that hour I spent with them.

Nevertheless, within just that ONE HOUR period both students were able to acquire the skill that had alluded them for over 10-years (student 1 learnt to sing while playing guitar; and student 2 learnt how to beat-box while holding the rhythm of the music).

And you know what?

Without all the interruptions…

It Probably Would Have Only
Taken 20-30 Minutes!

That’s FAST.

That’s why a famous football legend (turned coach) in Sydney Australia said that in his entire time as a pro-athlete and later as an athletic coach he has never seen ANYTHING as powerful and as fast at unleashing peoples full potential as the BEYOND SELF HYPNOSIS exercises I had shared with him.

Another example:

A colleague of mine was getting a migraine while we were setting up the stage lighting for one of my seminars.

I’d already taught him the BEYOND SELF HYPNOSIS exercises – so in this case I just needed to remind him to use the skills

Which he did

And not only did the onset of his migraine depart — his sensitivity to the bright lights (which were causing the onset of his migraine) vanished too.

Another student I shared a BEYOND SELF HYPNOSIS exercise with used it to clear up and heal some deep-seated inner-wounds from a past relationship.

He cleared up the old hurt quickly enough.

But he also got an extra “unexpected result” – the next day after doing the BEYOND SELF HYPNOSIS exercise: two long standing moles fell off his back. (Coincidence? Maybe – but emotional blocks often show up as physical ailments).

Now, the particulars of each case study are different.

And your interests and personal goals will, undoubtedly be unique to you.

That’s okay, because the underlying benefit of using the mental tools contained in the BEYOND SELF HYPNOSIS PROGRAM is that they will give you

A New Lease Of Life!

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