Honest Signalz – Foolproof Approach

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Product Name: Honest Signalz – Foolproof Approach
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Honest Signalz - Foolproof Approach

Honest Signalz – Foolproof Approach

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Master your approach with any woman you want, whenever you want, naturally, without second-guessing or hesitation ever again!
With over 10 hours of life-changing content and 2.5 hours of real-life infield examples alone, confidence with women will never feel this effortless.
If you’re looking for a way to ensure that you’ll never miss out on a girl you really want to talk to again, then this will be the most timely message you’ve ever read.
  • Tap Into Unwavering Confidence With Every Approach
    Approaching is anxiety-inducing – but it DOESN’T HAVE TO BE that way! We’ll teach you the basics of getting out of your head and into the “fun zone” when meeting (new) women.
  • Meet Her From A Place of Lighthearted Fun
    Meeting new girls doesn’t have to sound like a formal suit-and-tie introduction. We’ll show you how to leverage your authentic, fun-spreading self in any one of your approaches.
Section 1:
Foolproof Approach Fundamentals
This is where we START! We’re going to be breaking everything down into bite-size fundamentals so you can download each section with the utmost confidence. Over are the days where you have to worry about mindset, approach anxiety, night game vs day game approaches, going in direct vs indirect and of course your VIBE. Everything is laid out in a way where each and every concept will become second nature to you in no time!
Section 2:
Day Game 
​Day game gets a class of its own because you can meet some of the most beautiful women out and about during the day. With the advent of online dating and most everyone meeting the opposite sex (in real life) solely out at night at bars and clubs these days, meeting and attracting women in the daytime has been steadily decreasing… if you’re not comfortable with day game you ARE leaving a lot of opportunities to meet your dream girl on the table. Why? Because women love to be hit on, ANY TIME of the day!
Section 3:
Night game 
​We couldn’t possibly talk about Day Game without also mentioning its classic companion, Night Game. In this portion of the program, we’ll talk everything bars, clubs, lounges & restaurants, how to open in each setting depending on the ‘vibe’, positioning yourself in high stimulus environments (what that means) and how to properly calibrate to the various settings, interactions, and dynamics you’ll encounter.
Bonus #1
Foolproof Fashion
 Impress everyone with your newfound style.
This will cover everything from casual to dressy, what jacket, shirt, pants, accessories, socks, shoes and everything in between, even cologne!
With this bonus, you’ll never have to worry about fashion again — just what colors you’re feeling that day.
Bonus #2
Persistence & “Rejection”
This is all about dealing with “rejection”, re-engaging, and what to do if she says she has a boyfriend, if she’s bitchy or in a rush… any kind of brush off where she seemingly doesn’t want to give you the time of day. Now what most guys don’t see, is that these are often just shit tests from a girl. This Bonus will show you how to handle all of them with EASE.
Bonus #3
The Wingman Guide
Winging incorrectly will ruin any interaction. In this guide I’ve laid out every possible scenario you could ever run into with a wing or when winging yourself. I made it fool proof (pun very much intended) so that not only are you gonna be able to maintain and succeed with your interactions but also don’t hurt your friendship with your wing by inadvertently being an absolute douche. To name a few things you’re going to learn here: the qualities of a good wingman, the benefits of having a good wing, why you shouldn’t impress your wingman and not give unsolicited advice, the art of banter & self amusement with your wing, disadvantages of having a wing, and last
Bonus #4
Ingraining The Socially Savvy
Here you’ll find everything you need to know about social circle settings. This is an underrated gem that breeds full confidence to take on any situation. We’ll take you through 9 different settings for encounters and how to handle each of them with absolute ease, as well as how to deal with factors such as the level of anonymity in various settings, social repercussions, calibration, and the silent but LETHAL long game. This bonus will cover all the bases!
Bonus #5
Our Own Private Facebook Group
This is a special bonus because you will have access to me, my team, everyone involved in the community (who are all in similar boats), to engage, talk, and encourage every step in the process. I’m really excited to have this as a resource and support system for each other!