Henry Akins – The Turtle System

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Product Name: Henry Akins – The Turtle System
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Henry Akins – The Turtle System

Henry Akins - The Turtle System

Henry Akins Is Here To Redefine The Way You See The Turtle Position – As a Rickson Gracie American Black Belt He Understands The Technicality In Simplifying HIDDEN JIU JITSU – Turtle Will Become Your Favorite POSITION

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” Now picture this: anytime you find yourself in the top or bottom of the turtle position, you easily take your opponent down and take the cross side, the back, the mount or… submit them right there, and they can’t even see it coming.

Best part? You do NOT have to be an explosive, athletic wrestler to pull this off.

In fact, in these 34 videos, you’ll learn how to use unbelievably simple techniques to completely nullify your opponent’s strength and explosiveness and beat them to the takedown – every time. ”

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Connecting the head and shoulder for the takedown
Backing out to deal with the sprawl
Drill moving in and out on the bottom to setup the takedown
Dealing with the neck grab Guilloteen grip
Freeing the arm and attacking the neck.
Dealing with the chin strap choke
Takedown and counter from the D’Arce grip
Sit back takedown from D’Arce grip
Shoulder lock from the anaconda grip
Shoulder lock from the anaconda grip out take
Takedown from chest grab
Sit out to the back from chest grab
The D’arce defense.
Trapping the arm and sitting back when they grab around the chest and sprawl
Swimming to the back with the elbow when they transition to the side
Arm trap and roll when they transition to the side
Arm trap and roll when they transition to the side out take
Alligator roll when they go to the side.
Siting down and taking them over when you cant trap the arm
Guard recover when they get behind you
Learning how to move and destabilize your opponent when they try to get hooks
Driving them over the ankle when they wrap with the over hook
Pulling the hips towards the ankle when they wrap the over hook
Dropping down for the low single when they base out with the over hook
Using the leg to throw them back to crosside using the over hook grip
Grabbing the arm and throwing them back to the cross side
Inverted bow and arrow
Top – Chin strap choke
Transitioning to the side
Setting up the crucifix and attacking the arm. and the neck
The clock choke
The Wallid Ismael Clock Choke
Pulling the hips down to put the person back on their back
Getting the hooks in
Turtle position dealing with the whizzer
Going front the whizzer to the low single
Takedown from the under hook and chin strap