Hank Wesselman – The Shamanic Path of Re-enchantment

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Hank Wesselman - The Shamanic Path of Re-enchantment

Hank Wesselman – The Shamanic Path of Re-enchantment

What You’ll Discover in These 7 Modules

In this 7-part transformational virtual workshop, Hank will guide you through the fundamental shamanic practices you’ll need to successfully access hidden dimensions of reality and connect with your Higher Self as a source of wisdom and power for healing and problem solving.

Each contemplation and training session will build harmoniously upon the next so you’ll develop a complete holistic understanding of the practices, tools and principles to sustain your connection with your shamanic practice.

Module 1: The Re-enchantment A Shamanic Path to a Life of Wonder


We are often enchanted as children by our experiences of nature — our first sense of the natural world’s deeper mysticism. Yet, as we grow into adulthood, we tend to lose this sense of wonder, only to experience a “re-enchantment” through our connection to nature later in life.

During this opening session, Hank will share stories of his own enchantment with nature early in life, and of his re-enchantment with the natural world, which began over 40 years ago as he worked as an anthropologist in the fossil beds of southwestern Ethiopia. His sense of wonder was also reignited a decade later by an early connection with shamanism through Sandra Ingerman.

In this module, you’ll discover:

  • The Myth of Sophia and its connection to the World’s Soul
  • A shamanic practice for finding your personal place of power and healing through the dreaming of the natural world
  • How to expand your awareness of the World Soul (also known as Sophia or Gaia) to experience a deeper connection with the natural world
  • How to experience Nature Mysticism by connecting with the Spirit Guardian in your “Sacred Garden” in the dreaming of nature
  • How to use a drum or rattle as a tool to expand awareness

Module 2: The Shaman as Medicine Man or Woman & Connection to the Otherworlds


There’s a distinction between a shaman and a medicine man or woman. All shamans are medicine people, but not all medicine people are shamans. What is it that distinguishes shamans from all other religious practitioners? In this module, you’ll explore these differences as well as the nature of the Other Worlds and the shaman’s connection to spirit allies. The shaman is a universal figure found in some form in every culture and all shamans perceive the Other Worlds in very much the same way.

In this module, you’ll discover:

  • The three levels of the dream world: The Lower World, the dreaming of Nature; The Middle World, the dreaming of humans, our everyday world, and the Bardos of the afterlife; and the Upper World, the dreaming of the gods where each of us has a unique connection.
  • The four levels of spiritual unfolding — belief, faith, direct experience and personal transformation
  • Traditional shamanic ways of connecting with power
  • The nature of helping spirits and why they connect with us
  • What the relationship of Nature Mysticism and Deity Mysticism is

Module 3: The Three Souls & the Nature of the Self


Each of us is an embodied spirit with three distinct souls. The soul that sources us into this world at life’s beginning is our Spiritual Oversoul, residing always in the dream world where it dreams. The Physical Body Soul is already in residence when our spiritual soul seed arrives with life’s beginning. This body soul is seen as the inception of our energy body sourced to us by our mother and father. The Mental Conscious Egoic Soul is our soul that forms in response to the union of our other two souls and comes into being in reaction to our life as it unfolds.

In this module, you’ll discover:

  • The distinct functions of your three souls: The Spiritual Oversoul, The Physical Body Soul and The Mental Conscious Soul
  • Your relationship with your Spirit Teacher and who this is with relation to your Oversoul through shamanic journeying
  • The nature and functions of your spiritual self
  • How to experience a Journey of Personal Divination through shamanic work to seek guidance on a particular issue
  • The Oversoul as the repository for all your past lives and as one of your three ancestral lineages
  • Explore the perspectives of the kahuna mystics of Polynesia on the soul

Module 4: Working With Ancestral Spirits


Our family lineages and our personal spiritual lineage, expressed through the Oversoul, represent three ancestral lines forever in connection with us. This connection is made through our energetic matrix and energy never dies, which means we cannot disconnect from our ancestors who gave us life. In turning our attention toward our ancestors through shamanic journeywork, many opportunities for spiritual and personal growth become possible.

In this module, you’ll discover:

  • Your ancestors who comprise your “Spiritual Support Team,” guiding and informing you on the possibilities for your life
  • How to connect with an Ancestral Spirit who is compassionately concerned for you in your Sacred Garden for guidance on healing and progressing on your spiritual path
  • How you may explore your personal ancestral field of past lives through connection with your Oversoul field
  • Since your Oversoul exists outside of the time-space continuum, is it possible to connect with descendants who may represent future lives?

Module 5: Spirit Medicine: The Common Causes of Illness & the Four Levels of Shamanic Healing


What are the differences between physical and spirit medicine? In this module, you’ll explore the classic causes of illness — disharmony, fear and soul loss — states that often develop following trauma and which can open us to illness and enable intrusions by undesirable entities. You’ll also examine the four levels of shamanic healing – personal empowerment, assessing the nature of an energetic intrusion as well as shamanic extraction and soul retrieval work.

In this module, you’ll discover:

  • How to connect with one or more healing spirits in your Place of Power to seek guidance and healing
  • The true potency of your Oversoul as the source of all the energy you’ll ever really need to release harmful intrusions and restore physical harmony and balance to fend off potential life threatening illnesses
  • To engage in a shamanic journey to reconnect with your Oversoul for healing
  • To journey to the “Sacred Garden” to meet with healing spirits for assistance with our own healing and that of others

Module 6: Ancestral Lineage Healing


Through shamanic practices, it’s possible to aid in the healing of an ancestor. In this module, you’ll discover shamanic practices for dealing with an illness that is causing distortions in family lineages as it’s passed down from ancestor to descendent. You’ll also gain insight into how the healing of such an illness can help dissipate the manifestation of its distortions on your present life.

In this module, you’ll discover:

  • How to heal the illness of an ancestor by connecting with healing spirits in your Place of Power
  • How to journey to your Sacred Garden (as a place in the Middle World of dreaming) to invite an ancestor in need of healing to meet you
  • How to provide an invitation to the healing spirits in relationship with you to heal an ancestor
  • Ways to seek healing for all descendants of an ailing ancestor, including yourself

Module 7: The New Mysteries: Nature & Deity Mysticism


In response to the modern mystical movement of the Western world, a new perception of who we are, what this world is all about, and what we’re doing here is emerging. The awareness of our three souls is also birthing a new perspective of God. During this last session, you’ll explore the concept of humanity “divinized” and the powerful practice of Deity yoga from the perspective of Tibetan spiritual practice. You’ll also explore the relationship between your spiritual Oversoul and its teacher, the Spirit Guide.

In this module, you’ll:

  • Experience a shamanic journey to return to your Sacred Garden to meet your Oversoul and, through it, with your Spirit Guide, your Oversoul’s teacher and caretaker
  • Understand the difference between the popular concept of your “guides,” who are actually spirit helpers providing us with power, protection and support and “The Guides,” the Higher Organizing intelligences of the Upper Worlds who serve as master teachers
  • Learn to view your Oversoul and your Spirit Guide as your “two best friends” and advisors once you are in enhanced connection with them
  • Engage in a shamanic journey to discover something you wish to know from your Spirit Guide about your soul’s destiny

The Shamanic Path of Re-enchantment Bonus Collection

In addition to Hank’s transformative 7-part virtual program, you’ll receive these powerful training sessions. These bonus sessions complement the course — and promise to take your understanding and practice to an even deeper level.

The Shamanic Journey Method
Audio Teaching From Hank Wesselman


In this excerpt from Hank’s The Spiritwalker Program, you’ll receive foundational knowledge that is important to know about shamanism. You’ll be invited to take a journey to your own sacred place, your Sacred Garden. You’ll discover a map of the inner worlds and learn how to master entering a trance state.

Percussion Tracks for Shamanic Journeying
Audio Recordings From Hank Wesselman


In these drumming tracks from Hank’s The Spiritwalker Program, you’ll be offered some advice on how to use drumming and rattling to enter a journey state. You’ll be provided with three different tracks to use for your journeywork and guide you in your shamanic fieldwork.

Shamanic Healing
Audio Teachings From Hank Wesselman


In this series of teachings from Hank’s The Spiritwalker Program, you’ll be guided to look at the differences between physical and spiritual healing. You’ll discover the three causes of illness from the shamanic perspective, including the often misunderstood illness — soul loss. You’ll also discover the art of soul retrieval and take a personal healing journey.

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