Gene Ang – InterGalactics Healing Modality Self-Study Course mp3s

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Product Name: Gene Ang – InterGalactics Healing Modality Self-Study Course mp3s
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Gene Ang – InterGalactics Healing Modality Self-Study Course mp3s

InterGalactics Healing Modality Self-Study Course mp3s

This is a complete healing system

based on the spiritual beings called

the InterGalactics.  These spiritual

entities first showed up to Gene at the Mt. Shasta 2017 retreat as amazing visual night sky appearances.  During the Mt. Shasta 2018 retreat, the group of participants downloaded this current program consisting of 6 main healing frequencies with 3 variants for each main healing frequency.  The 3

variants for each main frequency are 1) balanced 2) masculine (yang) and 3) feminine (yin).  In total you will be attuned to 18 possible combinations of healing frequencies.  

One of the main reasons for this current healing modality is a need for advanced practitioners to accelerate their development beyond what was expected of them in this one lifetime.  This healing system does this both for the practitioner as well as those who come for healings.

These healing frequencies include energies to work on the following dimensions of a person, place, animal, or information system: 1) Physical 2) Etheric 3) Astral (Emotional and Mental) 4) Causal (Karmic) 5) Spiritual and 6) Entity Clearing.  The training involves 12 thirty-five minute transmissions meant to attune you to these frequencies.  These healing frequencies are sourced from the Divine, come through theIntergalactic Consciousness, and then to the consciousness and subtle bodies of the facilitator and client.

The InterGalactics are a form of consciousness sourced from the center of our Milky way galaxy and are here to help raise the vibratory rate of the planet.  They are most easily associated with the Thrones (Spirits of Will) who are part of the Spiritual Hierarchy.  The program goes over who are the InterGalactics in more detail.

By the end of this training, you will have a complete healing system that you can use either alone or in conjunction with other healing modalities.  In addition, you will be anchoring more galactic and interstellar energies, frequencies, and consciousness onto the planet.

The complete training in this self-study course includes all the lectures, discussion, practices, 12 attunements, and diagrams (pdf) plus anInterGalactic Contact Meditation.  In the live training, immediately after this meditation, a major sighting in the night sky occurred of the phenomenon based on the InterGalactic Consciousness.

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