Gene Ang – Arcturian Prosperity Transmission


Product Name: Gene Ang – Arcturian Prosperity Transmission
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Gene Ang – Arcturian Prosperity TransmissionGene Ang – Arcturian Prosperity Transmission

This is a 30 minute prosperity energy transmission that you can use to aid you in living an abundant and prosperous

life.  It was made using Arcturian Healing Method frequencies and it is now available as an mp3 download.

The transmission consists of 4 segments.  The first 5 minutes is exposure to the Arcturian Dimensional Bridge (ADB)

frequency to relax, center, cleanse, and energize your system in preparation for the next two segments.  The second segment is 10 minutes long and consists of running the Arcturian Metatron Karmic Clearing frequency to clear any karma blocking your prosperity and abundance.  The third segment is also 10 minutes long and consists of energizing your subtle bodies and consciousness with the Arcturian Golden Naga Prosperity energy.  This is a specific energy used to increase the prosperity energy in your energy field.  The last 5 minute segment utilizes the Arcturian Dimensional Bridge (ADB) frequency to integrate these changes so that they manifest in your life in an accelerated and balanced manner.

Some ways you can use the transmission include 1) receiving it as an energy healing treatment 2) using it on the new and full moon to boost your new intentions and accelerate the manifestation of current intentions and goals and 3) playing it in the background on silent to imbue you and the space with prosperity energy.