Flipping Markets – Video course 2022

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Product Name: Flipping Markets – Video course 2022
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Flipping Markets - Video course 2022Flipping Markets – Video course 2022

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Flipping Markets - Video course 2022

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1. Unit: Supply and Demand

– Supply and demand Basics – Inefficiency
– How to choose the best zones – Wick zones
– What’s mitigated/unmitigated
– Who’s in control? (GOLDEN RULE)
– Risk / Confirm entry
– Zone refinements

2. Unit: Structure

– What is BOS?
– Pro trend / Counter trend
– Weak and Strong structural points
– Defining the multiple timeframe directions using the control method (GOLDEN RULE)

3. Unit: Liquidity types:

– Liquidity types
– Liquidity scenarios
– Sweep or BOS?
– Live examples

4. Unit: Entry types

– Change of character
– Flip
– Continuation
– Equilibrium

5. Unit: Complete trading plan

– The whole trading plan step by step explained (I’m not going to write the trading plan down here)

6. Unit: Management

– Calculating risk and lot
– Buffering
– Managing the running trade

7. Unit: Additional content

– Lunchtime zones
– Donot trust the first tap
– Backtesting session
– Pre-week markups

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