Examine.com Fitness Guide (January 2021)

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Product Name: Examine.com Fitness Guide (January 2021)
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Examine.com Fitness Guide (January 2021)

Examine.com Fitness Guide (January 2021)

The truth about being “fit”

The problem — when it comes to fitness — is that too many people just focus on building muscle or losing fat. But those are only two parts of a much bigger picture!

Fitness is about optimizing systems of the human body to work well together. That means understanding everything from optimal sleep quality and hormone regulation to joint health.

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And years of research have taught us this: fitness is usually oversimplified. For many people, it is all about muscle and fat, weights and cardio; but to solve a puzzle as complex as optimal fitness, hammering the same routines over and over will not work.

You need to figure out your personal bottlenecks among the six main fitness factors and take advantage of the most recent evidence to remove them, or even turn them into strengths!

The six main facets of fitness:
  1. Joint healthHealthy joints allow your body to deal with the strains of exercise, sports, and normal everyday activities. A lack of pain should be your everyday state!
  2. SleepDeep, restful sleep lets your body recover from the day’s activities and wake up energized.
  3. Muscle and exercise performanceMuscle is one of the two obvious fitness factors, but optimal muscle mass isn’t just for looks: it helps keep testosterone levels high and lets you enjoy physical activities.
  4. Fat lossFat is the second obvious fitness factor: high body fat leads to lower testosterone, lower self-esteem, and accelerated aging.
  5. TestosteroneOptimal testosterone levels have far-reaching benefits, including more muscle, greater mental clarity, and better mood.
  6. Cardiovascular healthCardiovascular health grows in importance as you age: improving it now will not only boost your recovery but also help prevent future heart complications.

To truly be fit, you need to address all the factors

Here’s a real-life example: your knees.

Every pound of excess weight you carry means about 4 pounds of extra pressure on your knees when you walk, 8 when you run. In other words, if you’re just 10 pounds overweight, that’s 40 to 80 pounds of extra pressure on your knees with every step you take!

And yet, if you’re overweight, the first thing friends told you was likely to run, either outside or on a treadmill. Miles of running every day. Hours of running each week. “No pain no gain!”

That’s a recipe for disaster.

Instead, you could alternate between running, swimming, and lifting, so that your efforts don’t all put pressure on your knees. You can also decrease your knee pain with smarter nutrition, supplementation, and body positioning at work.

The Fitness Guide gives you a comprehensive approach at fitness, realizing that you should not just improve one facet, but all facets.

We also provide you with free lifetime updates to the Fitness Guide. Originally launched in 2018, we have spent over a thousand hours updating it with the latest research.

Nutrition research never stops — we are always learning something new, and we make sure to pass it on to you.

The Examine Fitness Guide will help you improve all facets of fitness

Diet the right way

Learn why most diets fail. Understand the psychology of dieting to find the regimen most likely to work for you.

Build muscle

Muscle doesn’t just look good. It promotes healthy aging, hormone balance, and metabolic health.

Take the optimal combination of supplements

Discover how to best combine supplements based on your situation and goals — and save money by avoiding the supplements that don’t work.

Protect your joints and eliminate pain

Implement research-backed lifestyle and supplementation changes to keep your joints healthy.

Lose fat and keep it off

Get Examine.com Fitness Guide (January 2021) download

Dieters who keep fat off in the long term have one important trait in common.

Save yourself time and stress

Jump straight to implementing the changes that will revolutionize your fitness. Our expert researchers have already reviewed the evidence!

Get quality sleep

Good sleep is crucial to your health, especially when you’re under stress. Tune up your sleep hygiene to ensure you get deep, restful sleep every night.

Get the evidence behind healthy habits

10,000 steps and 6 meals per day? Find out which habits give you the most bang for your buck, and focus on those.

What you’ll find inside the Fitness Guide

Easy-to-follow directions

Learn which supplements to take, when, in what form, in what dosage.

  • Core supplements have the best safety-efficacy profile.
  • Primary options can be very effective in the right context.
  • Secondary options could be worth adding if you have the money.
  • Promising supplements are backed only by preliminary evidence.
  • Inadvisable supplements are likely to harm your health or wallet.

Ideal supplement combinations

Learn how to best combine the various supplements depending on your personal situation and goals.

Dieting the right way

Explore the psychology of dieting, not just to learn why most diets fail, but so you can select the right diet for your needs and personality — the diet most likely to work for you. We provide you with the latest evidence on the most popular types of diet, and we answer the diet-related questions we’ve been asked most often over the past seven years!

Getting the basics right

Learn to assess your fitness and measure your progress. Learn about movement and body positioning (not just for the gym, but for the many hours you spend at work) to keep yourself healthy and pain-free.

Unbiased information

We do not sell supplements or provide consulting to supplement companies. We do not accept donations, sponsorship, or advertising. All our recommendations are based strictly on the latest scientific evidence.

Up-to-date information

The evidence evolves. New studies change our outlook on known supplements, and bring new supplements to the forefront. Which is why your Fitness Guide comes with free lifetime updates.

Get Examine.com Fitness Guide (January 2021) download