Edwin Najmi – Triangles and More Triangles

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Product Name: Edwin Najmi – Triangles and More Triangles
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Edwin Najmi – Triangles and More Triangles


The Leader of The New Generation Takes Flight!

The future of Jiu Jitsu is shaping up to be an amazing landscape for young and hungry athletes. Romulo Barral’s protege EDWIN NAJMI is out of the gates sprinting, already putting the pressure on seasoned top black belts in his weight class. In his first ever instructional, this multiple-time IBJJF champion walks you through his favorite methods for securing the triangle choke, including how to safely hit his infamous flying triangle. If you are a submission oriented Jiu Jitsu fighter, you don’t want to miss this series!


  1. Introduction
  2. Grips & Concepts
  3. Getting Air – Closed Guard
  4. Sitting Triangle
  5. Flying Triangle
  6. Vs. Good Posture
  7. Ankle Pick
  8. Single Leg
  9. Flying Inverted Triangle
  10. Spider Guard
  11. Spider Guard 2
  12. Spider Guard 3
  13. Knee Shield
  14. Knee Shield 2
  15. Closed Guard
  16. Flower Sweep
  17. Vs. Double Unders
  18. Vs. Sit-Up Guard
  19. Vs. Lapel Guard
  20. Trouble Shooting 1
  21. Trouble Shooting 2