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Eddie Corbano – The Ex-Detox System

“detox (noun) – to undergo treatment to rid the body of poisonous substances”When I first started to coach people how to get over their Ex in 2005, just a few years after my own life-changing experience, I realized that the biggest challenge was to convince them about the importance of “No-Contact”. Because let’s face it: you will pretty much have to rip your Ex from your heart, and pretend they never existed for a predefined time period of 60 days.

A thought like that is very frightening.

But I firmly believed in that concept because it worked so well on myself. I knew that the “No-Contact Rule” was the only way to break the Ex-Addiction, and to ultimately get over them.

So what I did back then, was create a small document that described all the benefits of “No-Contact”; the main (false) limiting beliefs causing people to think they could never do it; and THE 7 main obstacles while following the “No-Contact Rule”.

When someone came to me for personal one-on-one coaching, I would hand them the small document as preparation for our work together.

And this really worked like a charm.People would read it and discover all the things they would be facing during the time of No-Contact and the best way to react to it. They got motivated, educated about the topic – eager and confident to stick it out.

It made the coaching a lot easier, and shortened the overall healing time many times over because there were less fallbacks. If you understand what’s lurking behind the next corner you can prepare yourself.

Throughout the years that followed, this small document grew. I’ve added many experiences and feedback from other coaching clients. Reading their comments and stories made it even simpler to connect to the concept and believe in the idea.

Now, I’ve been asked countless times over the years since I founded this website to publish and make this document available so that more people could benefit from it. And I have to admit that I was always reluctant to the idea, since I thought it wouldn’t be fair to the clients who paid for the coachings.

But there was one thing that changed my mind.

As you all know, we have several “No-Contact Help Threads” on this website, where people can share their problems with “No Contact”, ask questions, and help each other to get through the 60 days. And these threads have EXPLODED over the last year, (we have 12420 comments in total while I’m writing this).

I knew that maintaining No-Contact was extremely difficult, but I was very surprised at how many of you participated and shared your problems and frustrations. Maintaining the “No Contact Rule” is really something people need a lot of help and guidance with.

So I decided to throw my concerns out of the window and share my 7 years worth of knowledge in a book.

I took that small book I gave to my clients and rewrote it, expanded it – adding things here and there – and before I knew it, the book was 173 pages long, covering my complete break-up recovery system that I’ve been using since 2005.

I call it “The Ex-Detox System”.

The Ex-Detox System consists of two main components:a proven and field-tested, step-by-step ebook on how to get over your Ex super-fast in 3 stepsa secret component that basically promotes break-up recovery on autopilot, (watch my video to learn what that secret component is).

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