Dr. Richard Schwartz & Dr. Frank Anderson – Internal Family Systems (IFS) for Trauma, Anxiety, Depression, Addiction & More

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Product Name: Dr. Richard Schwartz & Dr. Frank Anderson – Internal Family Systems (IFS) for Trauma, Anxiety, Depression, Addiction & More
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Dr. Richard Schwartz & Dr. Frank Anderson – Internal Family Systems (IFS) for Trauma, Anxiety, Depression, Addiction & More

Revolutionize your clinical approach and help your clients heal with the Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy model.

Developed over 30 years of clinical work, the scientifically validated IFS approach is filled with simple but powerful tools to treat many mental health issues by working with the various “parts” that clients find within themselves. IFS provides a masterful framework to help clients listen to and appreciate the value of each part — and then effectively works with each of them to achieve dramatic results.

Now is your chance to join IFS creator Richard Schwartz, PhD, and IFS organization chairman Frank Anderson, MD, to learn, step-by-step, the transformative therapy model that can offer breakthrough healing of trauma, anxiety, depression, substance abuse, eating disorders and more.

In this intensive online course, you’ll discover the power of IFS by seeing it in action through real-life in-session videos, as well as easy-to-follow, experiential instruction modules.

And when you register today, you’ll also get access to special bonus videos and resource clips to help you start using IFS immediately in your practice — plus access to an exclusive Q&A call recording featuring Richard Schwartz and Frank Anderson.

Don’t miss this opportunity to dive deep into the approach that world-renowned trauma expert Bessel van der Kolk says, “changed the way therapy is practiced.”

Internal Family Systems (IFS)
for Trauma, Anxiety, Depression, Addiction & More

An Intensive Online Course
with Dr. Richard Schwartz & Dr. Frank Anderson

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Just $199.99 Today— Unbelievable Savings!

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Bessel van der Kolk
Internal Family Systems (IFS) has been hailed by Dr. Bessel van der Kolk, the world’s leading expert in trauma, as “the treatment method that all clinicians should know to treat clients effectively.”

You’ve likely heard your clients explain their feelings of conflicting emotions — “a part of me wants to…and then there’s a part of me that doesn’t…” as they grapple with their internal self, desires, and behaviors. With the IFS approach, you’ll help clients understand these conflicting parts, as well as discover a way to talk about them in a productive way.

Learning IFS Has Never Been Easier…

Master IFS instructors Richard Schwartz and Frank Anderson will guide you step-by-step through these modules to fully prepare you to incorporate the transformative power of IFS in your practice.

MODULE 1: The Essentials of IFS with Dr. Frank Anderson

Join IFS and trauma expert Frank Anderson, MD, and learn all that this therapy model can do for you and your clients. In this practical and experiential training, you’ll gain a foundational understanding of IFS — including its core methodology, neuroscience roots, and clinical application — so you can discover its full potential for permanent healing.

This module includes:

IFS Overview
In this session, Frank will offer a step-by-step breakdown of the IFS model and teach you how it applies to your clients. Learn the roles of emotions, pain and trauma within a person and begin to understand common client reactions such as substance abuse, suicidal thoughts, obsessing, conflict avoidance, bingeing, cutting, and more. Discover how to identify the “core self” within the client that holds the capacity to lasting healing.
Gain access to internal healing resources
Through in-session video demonstrations and practical instruction, Frank will teach you how to assess your clients diagnoses and symptoms (such as PTSD, anxiety, depression, and eating disorders) through the lens of the IFS methodology. Learn to establish therapeutic goals, and access proven processes for working with the various “parts” within your client.
In-depth overview of why IFS works
In this session, you’ll discover the science behind the IFS model, including the research and evidence that showcase IFS’s unique ability to permanently heal both the brain and body.
The Process to Permanent Healing
In this last session, Frank will guide you through a transformative five-step process toward permanent healing, including how to overcome abuse, trauma, and other clinical issues. He’ll also arm you with a post-healing process for use in future sessions and to teach your client for at-home use. Finally, through a moving in-session video demonstration, you’ll see in action how to change your client’s emotional memory so your clients can leave with the feeling of lasting healing.
MODULE 2: Internal Family Systems Step-by-Step with Dr. Richard Schwartz

See IFS in action, directly with the creator of the therapy model, Richard Schwartz, PhD. Observe a dramatic and moving clinical session between Richard and Jody, a woman who’s been haunted by early childhood trauma her whole life. Watch as Richard guides Jody step-by-step through a journey that enables her to fully embrace her capacity for personal transformation. Then hear from Richard directly as he explains the moment-by-moment decisions that guided Jody to the single-session, breakthrough healing.

This module includes:

Introduction to IFS
Learn how IFS therapy can maximize clients’ potential for self-healing and self-compassion. A key to accomplishing this is recognizing the difference between inner parts and Self, and elevating the Self to an effective leadership position.
From Emotion to Integration: Clinical Demonstration and Commentary I
Watch Dr. Schwartz in-session as he implements his IFS approach with his client Jody who’s been stuck for years and has lost hope. This session combines clinical video with lively commentary.
From Emotion to Integration: Clinical Demonstration and Commentary II
The clinical video and commentary continues in this session, concluding with a dramatic client transformation as Jody moves from chronic fear and anxiety to healing and joy.
Richard Schwartz Answers Therapist Questions about IFS
Listen to the Q&A call recording with Richard Schwartz and Psychotherapy Networker editor Rich Simon. This session answers attendees’ specific questions about how the IFS model can be integrated into clinical practice.
The Myth of Unitary Self: A Dialogue on the Multiplicity of Mind
with Richard Schwartz, PhD and Daniel Siegel, MD
Neuroscience, social psychology, and artificial intelligence all agree that each of us consists of a multiplicity of identities that account for the richness and complexity of the human experience. At the same time, there’s more than one way to use this knowledge to elicit therapeutic healing, self-awareness, and growth. This video will showcase how two noted psychotherapists bring the concept of multiplicity into their therapeutic work.
Bonus: The Myth of Unitary Self
IFS for Complex Trauma
with Richard Schwartz, PhD
Watch an extraordinary clinical video illustrating how IFS can help a client affected by complex trauma. You’ll learn how to connect clients with the calm, compassionate core Self that’s the source of inner leadership, as well as understanding how to avoid becoming the primary attachment figure and instead, open the way for the client’s own Self to emerge.
IFS In-Session: Getting Permission from the Part
with Frank Anderson, MD
In this short clip, Frank demonstrates the process of working with a resistant part and requesting permission to access the client’s core self. This video, taken directly from a session with one of Frank’s own clients, is an invaluable resource to reference again and again as you implement IFS in your practice.
IFS In-Session: Working with an Anxious Part
with Frank Anderson, MD
Frank will demonstrate how to work with an overly anxious part that has been blocking his client from experiencing emotions. Hear the questions Franks asks and the steps he takes to calm the anxious part and make it part of the healing process.
The Inner Game of Psychotherapy
with Richard Schwartz, PhD
In this keynote, Richard Schwartz will present a video demonstration of how he uses the IFS approach to help clients with trauma communicate with their core Self and integrate and embrace their conflicted and disowned inner parts.
Internal Family Systems (IFS)
for Trauma, Anxiety, Depression, Addiction & More

An Intensive Online Course
with Dr. Richard Schwartz & Dr. Frank Anderson

$599.91 Value
Just $199.99 Today— Unbelievable Savings!

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