Dr MadanKataria – Laughter Yoga

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Product Name: Dr MadanKataria – Laughter Yoga
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Dr MadanKataria – Laughter Yoga

Dr MadanKataria - Laughter Yoga

Laughter Yoga is not a comedy. It is an exercise program for Health and Wellbeing. The yoga part of Laughter is the combination of Laughter Exercises with yoga breathing techniques ( Pranayama ). There are more than 20,000 free social Laughter clubs in 110 countries. Besides, Laughter Yoga also being practised in Senior centres, age care facilities, schools and colleges, companies, corporations, factories, physically and mentally challenged, police and prisons.
Laughter Yoga is both preventive and therapeutic. It is like an aerobic exercise and best cardio workout. It is like a breathing exercise for those suffering from bronchitis and asthma. Laughter Yoga releases endorphins which are natural pain killers, that can help those suffering from arthritis, spondylitis, chronic migraine headaches, chronic pains, fibromyalgia, autoimmune and chronic inflammatory diseases.
It unwinds the negative effects of stress and strengthens your immune system. If you laugh every day, you will not fall sick easily. If you have chronic health conditions like heart disease, Hypertension, Diabetes, Depression, Anxiety, Panic attacks and even Cancer, you will heal much faster. Laughter Yoga increases oxygen to your body and brain, and makes you feel healthy and energetic. It is a great exercise for team building, peak performance, Creativity and emotional intelligence.
Laughter Yoga is ideally suited for following people: Alternative Therapists and Healers, Recreation Activity facilitators, Yoga fitness trainers & sports coach, Occupational Therapists, Health care professionals, Psychologists and Psychotherapist, Nurses, Social Workers, Counsellors, Health Care Workers, Professional Speakers, HR and management training professionals, School Teachers, Psychologists & psychiatrists, Entertainment professionals, Actors & Singers, Clowns and Comedians, Senior care workers, Marriage and family therapists, Life coaches and alternative therapists, Sales managers, Tourism professionals & tour guides, anyone who wants to add laughter and joy to their live

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