Dr. Joseph Riggio – Persuasively Speaking 101

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Dr. Joseph Riggio – Persuasively Speaking 101Dr. Joseph Riggio – Persuasively Speaking 101

Dear Friend,

For many people being a capable and confident speaker who can stand up anytime, anywhere in front of any audience and toast a good friend over dinner or speak to an audience of one thousand just as competently and comfortably would be a life changing super-power. I can and will teach you how to be that kind of speaker in just 90 minutes in the live webinar …

The big problem is that for most people speaking persuasively either in a public forum or extemporaneously is notoriously difficult … yet it doesn’t have to be that way.

Many of my private, elite clients want to become a masterful speaker and storyteller too, bringing their audience to laughter or tears if they choose, and anything in between.

Instead of freezing in anxiety when called upon to raise a glass at a table of family or friends in just 90 minutes I’ll share with you exactly what it takesso you’ll be looking forward to it, and so will every other person at the table who’s ever heard them speak before as well.



In this ninety minute webinar I will show you exactly what to do to become a far more effective speaker and communicator, and cut your learning curve by years. By the end of this short program you will understand just what it takes to be able to speak and respond spontaneously in any situation from a public toast to a private intimate conversation.

I can make this commitment and promise to you, because I was where you are now too, once upon a time …


Years ago I read about how public speaking was the pinnacle of effective  communication, so I decided to become a great public speaker. At first it was ugly. I remember almost passing out at a podium, holding on for dear life, in front a small audience over a luncheon speech I agree to give for some Rotary Club members. It was truly horrible for me! But I kept going anyway and eventually I learned to be a world-class keynote speaker invited and paid to speak to all kinds of audiences internationally.


I learned that the secret of giving a great speech had more to do with how I felt about myself and my audience than any real secrets, even though there are some really simple things that can take an average speech and make it great. What’s more important to you though is that the same things that make a public speech great are what make telling a story to some friends fascinating instead of boring, or having a private intimate conversation with someone more meaningful and authentic than it could ever be without them.

The original idea for this unique program came to me recently, even though I’ve taught literally hundreds and hundreds of people to become better communicators, including professional speakers, sales professionals, CEOs and many, many others …

I was recently at a graduation commencement and heard folks you thought might be good or great speakers totally fail when their turn came at the podium. Upon taking the microphone, in front of an excited and motivated audience of students and parents ready to be inspired, instead of wowing them they just fell flat and left their audience bored and wanting for something more.

Now here’s the very worst part … what they actually said was just fine, in fact in one case the speaker had a great story and even told it pretty well. So it wasn’t their content that was lacking … it was more fundamental, it was about how they thought about themselves as a speaker and their audience, and what they wanted to accomplish in the short time they had in front of them. You could feel it as they spoke they were unsure and afraid, when they could have been motivating and inspiring with so little effort.

Right then and there I decided, “These people could become great speakers if they would only let me help them.” So I decided that I would do just that and I began that day designing the program you’re reading about now.


You don’t have to want to become an internationally recognized keynote speaker to benefit from this 90 minute webinar.

This program is all about finding your authentic voice first and foremost … once you discover the power of your authentic voice you’ll have it available to you everywhere.

Speaking, any kind of speaking with anyone, is a performance act, and performing well requires a few things like being able to access and hold your center when you’re speaking, and learning how to listen effectively as well as how to respond.

In just 90 minutes I’ll cover all the essential pieces you need when you join me for this live webinar so you can learn to to be a persuasive speaker in any setting where you need or want to “WOW!” your audience, whether that’s just one person sitting across from you, or an auditorium of one thousand or more people sitting and waiting for you to begin …

  • Get access to the full 90 minute live webinar HD Video Recording … you’ll be among the first in line to get this important information …
  • BONUS #1: Program MP3 Audio Recording & Download … full access to the unedited MP3 audio download …
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  • Discover your authentic voice … be compelling, tell a story, be the most interesting person at the table whenever you want …
  • Discover your authentic voice … be compelling, tell a story, be the most interesting person at the table whenever you want …
  • Give a great speech … ace the interview, master meetings, get new funding, sell and negotiate like a pro …
  • Become a fascinating storyteller … capture people’s attention, give a perfect toast, change lives …
  • In the 90 minute recording of the live webinar I’ll blow your idea of what it takes to be a great, persuasive speaker able to engage, entertain, inform and influence an audience out of the water … learn to nail it every time, don’t ever walk away wishing you had said or done something differently, or let not knowing what to say in the moment stop you from getting what you want in life. 

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