Doug Casey – Going Global 2015

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Doug Casey - Going Global 2015Doug Casey – Going Global 2015

Doug Casey has been to over 100 countries, lived in several and is a strong, wealthy international investor.
He is well experienced in international matters and certainly knows of what he speaks in this regard.
He also established an estancia resort community in Salta, Argentina mostly for expats to purchase nice property & partake in the international life there.
The international lifestyle is definitely his bread and butter. Of what he speaks, he lives. Not just some ghost figure behind a computer writing of theories.

Here Are Just Some of the Options You’ll Learn About in
Going Global 2015

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  • Where and How to Open a Foreign Bank Account
    Yes, it’s still possible, but time may be running out. In this report, you’ll learn the procedure for opening a foreign bank account in the best offshore banking jurisdictions.
  • Where to Buy and Store Gold Internationally
    There are hundreds of gold dealers and storage services to choose from, but too many of them are organizations we wouldn’t want to do business with. Going Global 2015 identifies the firms we rate high for reliability, service, and reasonable costs. You’ll learn the safest places in the world to store the metal that will be your best friend in hard times.
  • Second Passports and Foreign Real Estate
    Having a second passport or a bolt hole in another country assures your mobility even in tumultuous times. You’ll learn how and where to get a second passport and how to go about buying foreign real estate. Also in this section: the 12 most popular countries for an international second home.
  • Teach Your IRA to Travel
    Learn in this report how to form a “self-directed” IRA that can invest your retirement savings anywhere in the world you choose. Your IRA doesn’t need to stay lassoed to a US bank, broker or mutual fund.
  • Offshore Companies and International Trusts
    Discover the best jurisdictions for forming an offshore company or international trust to maximize your asset protection and tax efficiency—and how to do it inexpensively.
  • Foreign Annuities and Life Insurance Policies
    Discover a safe way to diversify your savings internationally with all the advantages of policies issued by domestic companies, including tax deferral and tax-free withdrawals.
  • Foreign Stocks and Funds
    Find out how to assemble a portfolio that’s buffered from market volatility in the US with Going Global 2015… Discover foreign stocks, funds, and other investments you can access easily once you know how.
  • How to Diversify Profitably with Currencies
    Learn about the top five foreign currencies to include in your portfolio… and the #1 secret most investors won’t hear until it’s too late.

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